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The mayor of Lvov criticized Polish farmers. The blockade of the border with Grebenne has been renewed

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The result of a nationwide protest by farmers was another blockade of checkpoints on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The situation is especially tense in Hrebenna and Dorohusk.

The nationwide farmers’ protest began on Friday, February 9, and is expected to last for 30 days. This is a response to the pan-European strikes, but there is an additional dimension to Poland’s actions. Farmers are protesting not only against the climate policy of the European Commission, but also against the import of food from Ukraine.

Blockade of the border with Ukraine.

As part of the action, transit traffic at border crossings with Ukraine is also blocked. Farmers in Grebennoye stopped Ukrainian trucks from entering when they learned that food products were being unloaded there instead of passing through Poland.

“This is confirmed by the waybills, as well as by the drivers with whom we spoke,” Lukasz Glaz, the organizer of the border blockade, told Telewizja Republika. “Now we only allow empty cars or trucks carrying goods other than food through,” he added. There are now more than 70 trucks in line on the Ukrainian side of the border crossing.

The mayor of Lviv responded to the actions of Polish farmers

Unrest is also observed at the border in Dorohaska. Polish farmers are blocking the entry of vehicles with Ukrainian agricultural products there. Lvov Mayor Andrei Sadovy harshly commented on the resumption of the blockade on the Polish-Ukrainian border. “Such actions are despicable and shameful.” – he wrote in his post on the social network.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. This photo shows Ukrainian grain thrown out of Ukrainian trucks by Polish, but in fact pro-Russian provocateurs. The pseudo-blockade at the border continues – the mayor of Lvov wrote on the X website. “Ukrainians are literally watering the fields with blood from which this seed will be born.” – Andrei Sadovyi added in his harsh post.

Source: WPROST.pl / Virtual Poland / Telewizja Republika
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Source: Wprost

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