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Fraudsters pretend to be representatives of Allegro. What should customers pay attention to?

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Do you buy on Allegro? You may become a victim of an attack by impostors. The Scientific and Academic Computer Network warns against such practices. We are talking about special messages.

Phishing attacks, during which scammers pretend to be stores of popular brands, have been known for a long time. Already used, among others: Rossmann, Pepco and even the Ikea chain. There have been many cases where someone has posted false advertisements on social media or sent special text messages or emails. Customers were asked to click on, among other things: attractive promotions or coupons. Now it comes to Allegro.

They pretend to be Allegro. You should watch this

Copycats associated with Allegro have been reported as early as 2023. Now they are working again and have new methods. NASC warns against cybercriminals sending messages about the alleged blocking of an account. If you received it, it may be counterfeit.

False information is sent to email accounts. The message contains, among other things: a link leading to a portal that looks almost identical to Allegro. Unfortunately, it is not. On the platform, scammers extort personal data, which they can later use for their own nefarious purposes.

NASK warns Allegro customers

Clients were warned, among other things: NASK. “Criminals are sending out a message about the alleged blocking of an account on the auction website. The message contains a link to a fake website through which recipients can supposedly contact the portal’s customer service department and resolve the problem,” the message says.

To effectively protect yourself, it is worth checking in detail, including: the addresses of websites to which we are redirected. Imposters often use small typos, strange symbols, errors, or altered characters in their logo. Anyone who notices messages of this type can report them to: Incident.cert.pl.

It should be remembered that today it is difficult to completely get rid of impostors, since they regularly introduce new methods or ideas into life. Sometimes, despite all precautions, unwanted phishing messages may still end up in our account. It’s best to immediately throw them in the trash, and check all the information about special actions, account blocking, etc. on forums and other sites. This makes it easy to detect if we are dealing with scammers.

Designed by: Polina Kopec
Source: Virtual media/gov.pl
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