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Job offers in Poland. The beginning of the year brought a positive surprise

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January saw a clear increase in job offers on recruitment portals, according to a report from Grant Thornton and Element. There were more than a third more than in December 2023.

In January of this year, almost 245,000 appeared on the 50 largest recruiting portals. new job offers. This is 64.3 thousand. (more than a third) more than in December last year. Data on this subject is presented in the report by Grant Thornton and Element. Details about it are described in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The number of job offers in Poland is growing

The data above shows that early 2024 saw a clear reversal of the downward trend that had been observed since September last year, with advertising decreasing month-on-month. – January data on the number of new job offers is surprising and optimistic – comments Magdalena Marcinkowska, partner at the consulting company Grant Thornton.

– We clearly see that after a cautious fourth quarter of 2023 in many companies in January, employers opened up to new investments, new projects and new employees – – says Katarzyna Zimińska, a spokeswoman for the employment agency Adecco, admitting that the scale of the January recovery in job offers was something of a surprise.

Ziminskaya notes that compared to December, an increase in the amount of advertising can be seen in each of the major industries, especially in manufacturing (by 53%), as well as in mechanical engineering and construction, where preparations for the season begin. In most of these large industries, the selection of new job offers in January was even greater than at the beginning of last year. Despite this, the total amount of advertising was still (less than 8%) lower than then. This overall result was influenced by the situation in the IT industry, where in January this year there were more than a third fewer job postings than a year earlier, although almost a fifth more than in December last year.

Temporary rebound or the beginning of an uptrend?

The reflection visible on job portals is confirmed – although not without reservations – by recruiting companies. Agnieszka Kolenda, chief executive of Hays Polska, emphasizes that while the January improvement is an optimistic sign, it is too early to assess whether this was a one-off correction or the start of a new upward trend in the labor market.

– Many of the processes carried out were caused not by the desire to expand the team, but by the need to fill vacancies that arose as a result of staff turnover. Therefore, it is understandable that employers are still taking a very cautious position, waiting for the situation to develop. Kolenda says.

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