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2% mortgage loan adopted by the Seimas. We know the details

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The Seimas restored the interest rate on housing loans to 2 percent. in the Law on State Assistance in Savings for Housing Purposes.

The Saeima by a majority of votes rejected a block of amendments adopted by the Senate, suggesting a reduction in the interest rate on a loan from 2 to 0 percent. 296 deputies voted for the rejection of the amendments of the Senate, 158 voted against.

2 Percent Loan How much can you get?

The law assumes that the loan has a fixed interest rate of 2 percent. people under 45 should be eligible to purchase their first apartment. The loan amount must be up to 500,000. PLN in the case of a one-person family and PLN 600,000. PLN in the case of a family of several people (married couples or a parent with a child).

The maximum own contribution can be PLN 200,000. zloty. The program does not contain any restrictions on the price of 1 square meter of an apartment, as well as restrictions on the location or size of an apartment or house.

Who can join the program?

Apartments on both the primary and secondary markets are allowed to participate in the program. The state subsidy is designed for 10 years.

At the same time, housing accounts can be opened for people under 45 who have saved up for their first apartment, with a surcharge at the level of the aggregate inflation rate for the entire period of accumulation.

The amount of payments, as provided for in the Law, may change, but it must be between 500 and 2000 zł. PLN, you will be able to skip one payment per year.

If the invested amount is used for housing purposes, the depositor will be able – in addition to the interest rate offered by the bank – to receive an additional bonus in the amount of the cumulative inflation rate over the accumulation period of five years. These savings will be exempt from the so-called radiation tax.

If it turns out that the growth rate of the property value is higher than the inflation rate, then the saved amount will be indexed to the growth rate of the property value.

Source: ISBnews

Source: Wprost

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