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People with disabilities will receive additional funds. Parliament has decided

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Additional state support will be provided to people with disabilities. The Saeima adopted the draft law on benefits, as amended.

The Saeima adopted the Auxiliary Benefit Act, which determines, among other things, the introduction of a new benefit for persons over 18 years of age, the rules for its allocation and payment to persons with disabilities or persons caring for them. 445 deputies voted for the act, one was against, seven abstained from voting.

Amendments to the law adopted

Earlier, the Seimas adopted amendments concerning, incl. payment of insurance premiums for persons receiving care allowance and care allowance in case of keeping a family orphanage or foster family.

– As a result of listening to the voices of disabled people and their guardians, we came up with an amendment that corrects the situation when there is more than one disabled child in a family. This amendment will allow payment of another care allowance in full. This will increase profit by 100%. for each subsequent child This was announced on May 24 in the Seimas by Pavel Vdovik, Deputy Minister for Family Affairs and Social Policy.

Six levels of support

The law defines six levels of support from 40% social pension to 220%. (40, 60, 80, 120 and 220 percent) depending on the specific (point) need for support. Need for support is determined on a point basis ranging from 70% (then you qualify for the lowest benefit) to 95-100%. The law assumes that the new solution will be available both to persons whose guardians currently receive one of the care allowances (care allowance, special care allowance, care allowance) and want to give it up in order to return to the labor market, as well as persons whose caregivers have not yet received any care allowance.

If a person with a disability does not decide on their own support allowance, then their caregiver will be able to receive a modified care allowance at the current rate with the possibility of additional earnings up to an annual limit of 6 times the minimum wage in force in that year .

The implementation of the support benefit will be the task of the Social Insurance Institute.

Source: WPROST.pl // ISBNews

Source: Wprost

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