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Buda: the market is uncompetitive because there are not enough apartments in Poland

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The situation in the housing market will be difficult for clients as long as developers can dictate their terms. Luca has about a million rooms.

The housing market in Poland still has many serious shortcomings. The main one is the lack of space, which gives developers the opportunity to raise prices. Another problem is the lack of spatial development plans and the vague interpretation of regulations.

Developer of the path that the government aims for

Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Bude, who is currently in charge of the latest government housing decisions, was asked on TVP Info about the housing market’s problems.

“We have to stop this mentality. The provision shall be interpreted in favor of the resident. However, now it is interpreted in such a way as to achieve the highest possible profit – he said, referring to examples of pathological housing investments.

– Fortunately, some developers know that the loss of reputation will permanently deprive them of the opportunity to work in the market. This situation often happens to small developers who treat one construction site as an investment of a lifetime and want to get the most out of it. Waldemar Buda said.

The problem is the lack of local development plans

The minister pointed out that one of the main reasons for path investments is the lack of spatial development plans in cities. He cited Warsaw as an example, where such plans cover only 42 percent of the population. cities.

– If we do not have a zoning plan, the developer receives the “Building Conditions”, which gives more freedom. Often this is the beginning of gigantic problems – the minister explained.

Poland lacks a million apartments

The head of the Ministry of Development also explained why such high prices are expected by developers per square meter of housing.

– The market is not competitive, because there are not enough apartments in Poland. Those who build and sell them are in a privileged position. If we had another million apartments on the market, the situation would be very competitive. The customer can choose and negotiate the price. If today all the apartments are sold and there are still not enough of them, then this situation does not exist – He said.

– If we keep at the level of construction of 200,000 apartments, we will fill this gap. If all the available plots that are currently available in Warsaw, prices would drop by up to 15 percent. So I’m reaching out to the City: they’re accepting zoning plans with a preference for multifamily housing – added Waldemar Buda.

Source: Information about TVP

Source: Wprost

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