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Tina Turner has amassed a gigantic fortune. Who will inherit it?

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Tina Turner has been on the music scene for exactly half a century. As a result, she has amassed a fortune estimated at almost 260 million euros. The media are wondering who, besides the husband of the legendary singer, appeared in the will.

Wednesday evening brought sad news not only for the music world. At the age of 83, Tina Turner, the legendary singer we will always remember for hits like m. “Simply the Best”, “What’s It Got to Do with Love”, “Private Dancer”, “Golden Eye” and “We Don’t Need Another Hero”.

Tina Turner. Half a century on the stage, a huge fortune

Turner’s 50-year presence on the stage (the beginning of her activity dates back to 1959, she announced her retirement in 2009) brought the singer a fortune. She has sold over 200 million records and earned over $130 million from her farewell tour in 2008 alone. Last October, the artist sold the rights to her music, stage name and image to the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). It is estimated that this netted Turner up to $150 million.

Last year, Bilanz magazine estimated Turner’s fortune at almost 260 million euros. Who will inherit it? Of course, Erwin Bach, the husband of the singer, with whom she has been associated since 1986. Since then, the artist, who was born in the state of Tennessee in the southern United States, has lived in Europe, first in Germany, and since 1994 in Switzerland.

Now the Swiss media are wondering who, besides the widower, will get the fortunes of the cult singer. Turner’s biological children, the sons of Ronald and Craig, are no longer alive. Also, the artist had two adopted sons (children of the star’s first husband Ike Turner from a previous relationship): Michael and Ike Jr. It can be assumed that the singer’s will included men, like her two grandchildren.

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