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Terrible news for 2 million Poles. One of the latest decisions of the PiS government

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2 million self-employed people must prepare for much higher expenses, Fakt warns. This is due to the latest statement by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy, still under the leadership of current Minister Dorota Bozemska, has published a statement limiting the size of the annual base for calculating contributions for pension and disability insurance in 2024. Based on this legal act, it is possible to determine the final amount of social insurance contributions that will be applied in the coming year.

ZUS contributions will increase significantly

As Fakt reports, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy states that the projected average salary is 7 thousand zlotys. PLN 824 For the 2 million people running their own business, this means much higher contributions to ZUS.

Currently, self-employed people pay about 1,000 zlotys to the state. 400 zlotys per month. Next year this amount will increase to 1000 zlotys. 600 zlotys per month. The newspaper’s calculations show that self-employed people will pay almost 20,000 zlotys annually for social security. zlotys (the pension contribution itself will increase from 812.23 zlotys to 916.35 zlotys).

The newspaper notes that this calculation does not take into account the increase in health insurance premiums. Its size depends on the minimum wage, which will also increase next year. This means that the minimum contribution will increase from PLN 314.10 to PLN 381.78 grosz per month.

Will the new government stop rising prices?

Will the new government be able to stop the increase in contributions to ZUS? “Fact” recalls that among the “100 specifics in 100 days” of the Civil Coalition was an announcement about the introduction of benefits for the self-employed. Once a year they will be given a month’s leave from contributions. this decision was introduced within the first 100 days of the new government and will offset the increase in ZUS next year.

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