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Poles limit Christmas spending. Slight decrease in interest in shares

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Nearly three-quarters of Poles say they intend to cut their Christmas spending this year, according to a study by UCE Research and Blix Group. It also shows that there has been a slight decline in interest in promotions.

The study by UCE Research and Blix Group, details of which were published in Rzeczpospolita, shows that as many as 73 percent of Poles plan to limit their Christmas spending this year, with 28 percent answering “definitely.” 18% of respondents do not have such plans. Nearly 95% of consumers say they will shop with a list to limit the number of items they unnecessarily add to their cart.

We limit Christmas spending. We buy according to the list

– In times of still relatively high inflation and some economic uncertainty, shopping lists become a tool to better control spending. By planning your purchases in advance and sticking to your list, you can avoid making rash purchases, which will help keep your expenses under control. comments Marcin Lenkiewicz from Blix Group, quoted by Rzeczpospolita.

Survey participants were asked what specific budget they planned to allocate per person for pre-Christmas grocery shopping. 27.9 percent indicated the range of 101-200 zlotys, 17.2% plan to spend up to 300 zlotys. respondents.

Slight decrease in interest in shares

The study shows that among Poles there has been a slight decline in interest in career advancement. 85.2% of people plan to buy stocks. respondents, while in the previous edition of the study it was 89 percent. items. According to the study’s authors, this may indicate that consumers are gradually getting used to higher prices.

– With inflation and its long-term effects, buyers may notice a slight price stabilization in some market segments, making promotions less tempting – emphasizes Marcin Lenkiewicz.

– Inflation in Poland has begun to fall, which may make Poles less worried about rising prices and more willing to shop at regular prices. We’re becoming more aware that we shouldn’t buy products just because they’re on sale. – says Julita Pryzmont from Hiper-Com Poland.

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