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Craft kebab from Philip Chaiser. Former TVN star opens catering business

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“It happened so,” writes Philip Chaiser, who is about to open his first craft kebab, on social networks. What kind of business is this and what can you expect?

The former TVN star showed off her new idea on social media. He follows in the footsteps of many famous people who have also entered the catering industry. Such steps have already been taken before, in particular by athletes or YouTubers. Thanks to this, in Warsaw you can find Robert Lewandowski’s restaurant or Blowek’s burger joint. Now it’s time for Philip Chaiser’s kebab.

Philip Chaiser opens a craft kebab

Philip Chaiser’s new business already has its own name and even a sign. Upcoming is an artisanal GemüseKebap from Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. “It is almost ready for launch in Warsaw,” the journalist said. Photos of the satisfied star can be seen, among other things, on the official Instagram account @filip_chajzer.

The creator of the new kebab emphasizes that he is looking for a unique taste and wants it to surprise everyone. It should be traditional, but at the same time modern. Philip Chaiser reports that due to minor nuances, he cannot yet proceed with the opening. “I’m a perfectionist and still can’t get the perfect taste of 1990s doner sauce. Even the taste of the famous Mustafa is not the same today,” he said.

Philip Chaiser also recalls his best associations with the taste of Turkish kebab, which he first tried as a child. He is counting on the help of someone who will allow him to recreate this in his premises. “How can I describe the taste I’m looking for? And that’s the problem. I feel it on my tongue, but I can’t find the words. Maybe it was even a little bitter—strange at first, then perfect. If someone has a common experience with me and can include it in the recipe, you can win a gold card and go down in the history of the company in golden letters,” he writes in his post.

“Write also if you are looking for a job – just remember – street food is terrible”

Philip Chaiser does not hide the fact that he is looking for employees for his business. He announced the news on Instagram, urging people to contact him. He emphasized that working in the food service industry is not easy and can require significant physical and mental effort. “Street food is a terrible killer,” he emphasized in his post.

People with experience will definitely be able to work in Philip Chaiser’s new kebab shop. Anyone can send messages to the email address provided in the Instagram ad. Unfortunately, no details about the proposal were provided.

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