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Protest at the border. Bochenek: There is a preliminary agreement

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Will the blockade of the Polish-Ukrainian border finally end? There is a chance to reach an agreement with the protesting carriers. A representative of Law and Justice gave details.

Protests by employees of Polish transport companies continue at the border crossings between Poland and Ukraine. Domestic carriers demand equal treatment. Farmers also joined the protest on November 23.

Protest at the border. Politicians talk to strikers

Despite the fact that the protest has been ongoing since November 6, that is, for the fourth week, there has still been no clear reaction from the Polish authorities. Politicians called for action in the Sejm. Representatives of the Confederation were particularly active in this issue and approached the Speaker of the Sejm with a request to discuss the protests during the ongoing session of the lower house.

On RMF FM, Law and Justice representative Rafal Bochenek was asked about the government’s slowness in this matter. According to him, the main problem was that the timing of the protests coincided with the ongoing change of power in Poland.

– The powers of people performing government functions were incomplete due to the transit of power – Rafal Bochenek said on RMF FM radio.

Politicians on the border with Ukraine

Only on November 28, the newly appointed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Anna Gembicka came out to the protesters, who the day before published a list of companies importing grain from Ukraine, promised by her predecessor, Minister Robert Telus. The minister apparently did not believe, like her predecessor, that such a publication “would do more harm than good.” As the PiS representative admitted, as a result of the visit of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, it was possible to reach an agreement with the protesters on a number of issues.

– Yesterday the minister (Anna Gembicka – editor’s note) partially agreed with the demands of the protesters – said Rafal Bochenek.

However, this is not the only political visit planned for the near future. Today, another of the new ministers, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Alvin Gajadur, who is directly responsible for transport issues, will visit the protesting representatives of the transport industry.

– As far as I know, there is some kind of preliminary agreement on this matter. I hope that Minister Alvin Gajadur will also be able to reach an agreement today – This was stated by a representative of PiS.

Ukrainians responded to the protest of Poles

Resolving the situation at the border is extremely important as it is becoming more tense every day. In response to the protest of Polish carriers Ukrainian drivers set up roadblocks in Przemysl and Medyka. Huge traffic jams have formed on the road leading to the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing.

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