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The decision to ban trading on Christmas Eve has not yet been made. Employees must know the weekly schedule

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There is no final decision regarding the ban on trading on Christmas Eve. While it is certain that stores will be closed on December 24, it is not yet known how long they will be open on December 10. Retail is impatient because employees need to know the next month’s schedule by the week.

Let us remind you that on Monday the parliamentary committee on economics and development rejected the government’s bill to ban trading on Christmas Eve this year, but the Polska 2050 club recommended amendments. They involve a ban on trading on Sunday. , which falls on Christmas Eve. Instead, shops will be able to open full time on Sunday from 10:00, and not, as the government wanted, only until 14:00.

Ban on trading on Christmas Eve. Employees must know the weekly schedule

On Tuesday, the Sejm again referred the bill to ban Poland’s trade on Christmas Eve 2050 to the Economics and Development Committee.

A decision has still not been made and the trade industry is understandably impatient, emphasizing that there has been ample time to make changes. The IKEA chain noted on social media that employees needed to know their December schedules by November 23, meaning they had to have them for the week.

“We, representatives of the retail trade, have been asking the government to resolve this issue since spring. Although the bill was passed by the Council of Ministers on November 14, it was not introduced into parliament. According to the Labor Code, employees must know their schedules for December by November 23 – covers the network on Platform X (formerly Twitter).

At the moment, the network has prepared graphics in various configurations. The final version will be implemented after the final form of the regulations is determined.

Trade unionists from Biedronka also complain about government inaction. – I think we may have legitimate complaints – – says Jaroslaw Lewiński, head of the Biedronka National Social Protection Fund, as quoted by Gazeta.pl.

Lewinsky emphasizes that those in power cared “only about select groups of workers, such as miners and farmers, and trade workers always came last.” The union explains that there is no information yet from Biedronka’s headquarters about what work will look like in December, and employees “don’t know if they will go to work on December 24.” – It cannot be denied that this uncertainty does not cause positive emotions. There is no denying that everyone would like to relax on Christmas Eve, it is a special family holiday and no one wants to work on this day – says Lewinsky.

Liberalization – a matter of time?

Let us remind you that March marked five years since the introduction of the Law banning Sunday trading. Initially (from March to December 2018), shopping could be done on the first and last Sunday of the month, then only on the last Sunday (all of 2019), and from 2020 only a few shopping Sundays per year are planned. including the two previous Christmas holidays. One of these Sundays falls on Christmas Eve this year.

It is possible that in the coming months the rules regarding the ban on trading on the last day of the week will be liberalized. Demands in this regard were formulated during the election campaign by the parties that will soon form the government.

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