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It is for these professions that companies most often look for specialists. You can earn up to PLN 10,000. zloty

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The labor market has its own rules. Until recently, companies looked for employees by reducing requirements to a minimum. Now many entrepreneurs are cutting their jobs in search of savings. The editors of Wprost.pl checked which job offers most often appear for white-collar specialists, that is, the so-called white-collar workers. Employees in these specializations can choose from offerings.

There are thousands of job offers on popular advertising sites. Companies offer jobs to both candidates with little experience and specialists from various industries. Every interested person can choose freely in search of the best offer.

Labor market. Professionals from many professions can choose from offers

You may get the impression that there is a real boom in employment. Similar announcements are also published on social networks. From numerous conversations with recruiters and labor market specialists, a certain pattern emerges of the most frequently repeated proposals.

A few sectors dominate the market, and companies in these industries or specializations are most likely to seek employees. In many cases, the amount of compensation depends on the size of the company, administrative issues or region. Companies offer unusual salary ranges. In large cities you can earn twice as much as in small cities.

TOP 5 in-demand specialist professions

1. Specialist in working with customers

Currently, people are being sought primarily to work in telephone and electronic customer service teams and less and less to perform tasks in stationary branches. “They are mainly sought after by the banking, financial and insurance sectors, the private medical sector and the real estate market,” says Mateusz Zidek from the recruitment agency Randstad in an interview with Wprost.pl.

Salaries usually range from PLN 4,000 to PLN 10,000. zlotys gross. In many companies, this group of specialists can expect bonuses depending, for example, on achieving sales goals or on whether customer service also includes the sale of goods and services.

2. Administration Specialist

Companies most often seek specialists for office and administrative work, often – especially in the case of smaller businesses – combining these with additional tasks, such as human resources management, customer service, inventory, office management or sales support.

The main responsibilities of such specialists include, first of all, the management of administrative and organizational issues of the office, including, for example, cooperation with suppliers, processing the purchase of office supplies and other goods necessary for the functioning of the office, organizing work in the company, drawing up schedules, maintaining office documentation and its archiving.

Depending on the size of the company and whether or not it has specialized departments, the employee may have additional responsibilities, especially in the areas of accounting, basic accounting, or human resources. And the wages of these specialists may depend on these additional tasks. However, the average earnings of this group of workers fluctuate around 4.5 thousand zlotys. gross PLN in small towns up to 7000 PLN. PLN in major cities.

3. Production Specialist

This is a whole group of specialist professions associated with the manufacturing industry, which includes, among others: specialists in quality, production planning, maintenance, technical supervision, labor protection, production technology. As labor market experts note, salaries in this sector depend on specialization, but range on average from 5.5 thousand zlotys. PLN gross for quality specialists in the amount of 6.5 thousand PLN. PLN gross in the case of maintenance specialists up to 7.5 thousand PLN. PLN gross in the case of occupational health and safety specialists.

4. Accounting Specialist

This group will primarily include employees from the finance and accounting departments. Increasingly, companies are opening not only for university graduates, but also for candidates with secondary economic education. They may be looking for people with foreign language skills, especially when a large international company is looking for employees.

An additional requirement may be the ability to work with specific accounting programs. The salary of this group of specialists starts from 5,000 to 6,000 zlotys. gross Polish zlotys in small towns and reach a maximum amount of 9,000 zlotys. zlotys gross in major metropolitan areas.

5. Logistics and transport specialist

Forwarding companies and logistics centers are looking for employees who can manage the company’s fleet, plan the use of vehicles when delivering goods, control deliveries and collaborate with suppliers. Salary starts from 5000 zlotys. PLN gross in small towns up to 10,000 PLN. PLN gross in major centers.

Author: Dariusz Brzostek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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