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Some pensioners will receive two benefits in December. How is this possible?

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Some pensioners will receive two transfers from ZUS in December. The calendar is responsible for this.

The Social Insurance Institution pays pensions on seven dates: the first, sixth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth of each month.

Pension payments: Some people will receive two transfers in December

Pensioners receiving benefits on the first day of the month will receive two transfers in December, and the calendar will be responsible for this. This is because New Year’s Day is traditionally a day off from work. The regulation stipulates that in such a situation, the ZUS will pay benefits at an earlier date – this could be December 31. A similar situation occurred in October, when, due to the holiday falling on November 1, November pensions were also transferred to accounts, reports Gazeta.pl.

However, the money will definitely not arrive before Christmas, it’s too early.

Pensions for internship

Trade unionists from Solidarity appeal to the Speaker of the Seimas, Shimon Holowna, with a request to unfreeze the citizens’ bill on seniority pensions, which was submitted to parliament in 2021, as soon as possible. This is one of the most important demands of the trade union. Earlier, Golovnya assured that “the freezer will come out of his office with a bang” and there will be no more suspension of citizens’ payments.

“The draft, under which the NSZZ Solidarnost collected several hundred thousand signatures, has already passed the first reading on December 14, 2021, that is, the previous deadline, and almost all political options voted for its further consideration. Unfortunately, since then this law has been under consideration by the parliamentary committee on social policy and family, and work on it has been frozen,” we read in the message of the National Commission.

According to the trade unions’ project, the current retirement age, that is, 65 years for men and 60 years for women, may be lower for people with sufficiently long work experience – 30 years for women and 35 years for men.

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