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How much will mulled wine cost at fairs? These prices are expected

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Mulled wine is an integral element of the fair atmosphere. You can purchase it at many kiosks, including: Spice Aroma. How much could such a pleasure cost this year?

Let’s continue to take small steps closer to Christmas. Despite the fact that it is still November, the first structures for seasonal fairs are already appearing in many cities. We like to visit them, among other things: for the pleasant climate and atmosphere, but, unfortunately, the prices in such places often discourage shopping and can knock you off your feet. Will it be more expensive than last year?

Christmas markets. Prices play an important role

At Christmas markets you can find many interesting and regional products. One of them is mulled wine and beer placed in special containers. The drinks are usually available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Their prices were inflated a year ago.

In 2023, we’ll probably be sweating even more for mulled wine. There is no doubt that the effects of inflation have not reached the Christmas market stalls. What will it look like in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk or Wroclaw? Most gourmet food stalls will open on November 24, with some cities already open.

This is how much we will pay for mulled wine at the fair

What prices we will see for mulled wine this year can be easily predicted based on last year’s data. According to the Wirtualna Polska website, in 2022 in Gdansk you had to pay from 14 to 17 zlotys for mulled wine, in Wroclaw – 17 zlotys, in Krakow – from 15 to 20 zlotys, in Katowice – 18 zlotys, and in Warsaw it was the highest – on average 20-25 zlotys per 200 ml. What does this mean for us?

We already know that in Katowice a mug of mulled wine with a volume of 200 ml costs the same as a year ago, that is, 18 zlotys. In Poznan, however, it is more expensive, because this year we will also spend 18 zlotys on drinks instead of 15 zlotys as before. What will it be like in other places? We’ll find out in a few days.

Of course, it’s not just mulled wine that dominates fairs. From the current offer available in Katowice, you can predict how much we will pay for other delicacies in major cities. For example, for 7 pieces of dumplings the price is about 20 zlotys, for a piece of bread with lard – up to 30 zlotys. Anyone who decides to ride the mill wheel will pay 20 to 25 zlotys for a ticket.

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