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Today is the premiere of the book “Hunting”. This is the first publication of its kind on the market.

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November 21 is the day of the official premiere of the book “Hunting. How businesses are being destroyed in Poland. The title of Elena Kovalik and Shimon Kravets was published by the publishing house “Vprost”.

“Hunting” – what is the book about?

The book tells the story of 11 entrepreneurs and managers whose companies and careers were destroyed by the state apparatus.

One was forced to declare bankruptcy because he did not want to pay a bribe. The second, whom the services wanted to turn into a pedophile in custody. Another wanted to throw himself under a train. When he was acquitted after years of trial, he suffered a heart attack.

They were labeled as criminals, imprisoned, and then put on trial. Although many of them eventually proved their innocence, they paid for the government’s mistakes with tarnished reputations, bankruptcy and suicide attempts. Almost none of them are thinking about returning to doing business in Poland.

The businessmen’s stories are also accompanied by several interviews with judges, lawyers and independent institutions that control citizens’ access to court.

No one was punished

“This book is an expression of disagreement with the destruction of not only people, but also the entire Polish business. Consecutive detentions and arrests fuel stereotypes among Poles that have taken root since the days of communism. That if he earned money, he probably stole it. If he is rich, he is a thief.In the more developed economies of Western countries, all the lists of the richest are a reason for pride.Recognition of success.A dream come true.Inspiration for millions of young people who are just starting a business and follow the advice of those who have earned a lot of wealth.We are present in the magazine published “For nothing” for more than three decades. The list of the 100 richest Poles sometimes causes fear. Polish entrepreneurs do not want to appear on it. They do not want to be in the spotlight for fear that they might be the next to be stopped. After all, several heroes of this book also appeared in lists of the richest people of this and last century. And what message does their arrests send to small and medium-sized companies? Such that if they destroyed one of the largest, they can destroy a small one like me.

This book is also an act of despair about the impunity of government officials. Officials, prosecutors, politicians. None of those responsible for the destruction of the company and the lives of our heroes were held accountable. Against. Some received promotions or badges of honor for their services to the treasury of the Republic of Poland,” the authors write in the introduction.

Well-known organizations among partners

The book was patronized by many organizations. In particular, the Polish Business Roundtable, the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the Warsaw Institute of Entrepreneurship, the Court Watch Foundation and the Think About the Future Foundation. Many of these institutions have been calling for many years to end the use of pretrial detention against Polish entrepreneurs, which has become common practice in recent years.

Where can I buy the book?

The premiere of the book will be combined with the author’s evening, which will take place on November 21 at 19:00 at the Aktualny Cultural Center. The meeting will be attended by the authors: Helena Kovalik and Shimon Kravets. The discussion will be moderated by Mariusz Szczygiel, President of the Institute of Reporting Foundation, which is organizing the evening.

The book will be available for purchase, among others: in Inmedio, Relay, Świat Książki stores or on Empik.com. It will also appear in many other bookstores – brick-and-mortar and online. It can also still be purchased on our website at attractive prices and in packages.

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