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Black Friday. Poles will spend more than last year

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According to a report by Strategy& Polska, Poles could spend around PLN 1,000 during Black Friday this year. This is an increase of 5%. comparing with the previous year. For most of us, this is an opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.

“Rzeczpospolita” provides details of the report “Black Friday and pre-Christmas sales: consumers in Poland prepare their wallets” prepared by Strategy& Polska. It turns out that despite the economic downturn, Poles plan to spend 5% more on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday than last year. On average this can be 1000 zlotys, while in Europe this amount will average 244 euros, i.e. approximately 1200 zlotys (8% more than last year).

Black Friday. Poles are more resistant to shopping madness

The newspaper notes that interest in Black Friday in Poland is growing every year and is approaching the European average. Compared to other European countries, we stand out for our high level of awareness and can assess whether we are indeed dealing with an attractive offer. We are more resilient to the shopping frenzy than Western Europeans, mainly because we are used to regular advertising campaigns throughout the year.

The report shows that around 40 percent of Poles say they need to save money due to reduced cash flow, which will be reflected in this year’s Black Friday results.

– The pre-Christmas period is a key sales period for many retailers, so this year’s Black Friday and the weeks of heavy promotional activity around it will say a lot about the state of Polish retail. Recent difficult months have brought further changes in consumer behavior: we buy less, often choosing more thriftily substitutes for favorite brands. Traditionally, Poles like to take advantage of promotions and plan their purchases, so they wait for Black Friday, but they also evaluate the attractiveness of offers critically. Early readings indicate that growth can be expected compared to last year, which was also challenging. However, the struggle for growth will not be easy – comments Krzysztof Badowski, Managing Partner of Strategy& Polska.

In Poland, planned purchases are dominated by clothes (41%), electronics (33%) and gifts (health and beauty – 24%, books – 18% and toys – 17%).

New Year shopping opportunity

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which fall a month before the holidays, provide an opportunity for almost three-quarters of Poles (72%) to do a significant portion of their Christmas gifts.

The report shows that more than half of consumers start preparing for Black Friday in advance by creating a shopping list. Purchase planning concerns both in-demand products and preferred sellers. Despite careful planning, especially intensified during inflation, one in four consumers makes purchases on impulse or inspiration.

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