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Income criterion for 800 plus? More than half of Poles say “yes”

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Just over half of Poles believe the new government should seek savings by introducing an income criterion into the 800+ program, according to a United Surveys poll. This idea is supported by as many as two-thirds of current opposition voters.

In a United Surveys poll conducted for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and RMF FM, Poles were asked: “If the future government is committed to saving, how should it reduce the cost of running the state?”:

  • reduce the number of deputy ministers and authorized government representatives;

  • limit the number of ministries and institutions under their jurisdiction;

  • cut salaries of ministers and deputy ministers;

  • enter income criteria, for example, when paying 500+/800+;

  • abandon large investment projects such as CPC or nuclear power plants;

  • cancel some social or charitable programs;

  • limit arms purchases;

  • None of the above;

  • hard to tell.

More than half of Poles want the income criterion to be above 800.

Survey participants who could choose more than one answer most often pointed to a reduction in the number of deputy ministers and government plenipotentiaries (66%). Not much less, almost 61 percent. wants to limit the number of ministries and institutions subordinate to them. 55 percent of respondents are in favor of reducing the salaries of ministers and their deputies.

The study shows that just over half of Poles (51.4%) are in favor of introducing an income criterion for the 500 plus/800 plus payment. The study authors note that 66% support these criteria. voters of the current opposition, while among supporters of Law and Justice it is only 22 percent.

We would like to remind you that at the beginning of next year, benefits of 500+ will be indexed to PLN 800. Statements by politicians included in the future coalition indicate that this benefit will not be abolished. However, the assessment itself caused distance among Third Way politicians. Poland 2050 leader Szymon Chołownia said before the elections that it was worth considering whether these funds were worth investing in, for example, education. In turn, members of the People’s Party noted that an increase of 500+ should be available only to workers.

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Source: RMF FM, Wprost.pl
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Source: Wprost

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