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Shopping on Sundays in London. Big stores want change

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Major London stores want changes to their Sunday trading rules. In their opinion, opening hours should be longer than before. Owners of small shops see the situation differently.

The debate around Sunday trading is taking place not only in Poland, but also in London, where rules on this matter, as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth notes, date back to 1488, when Sunday was the traditional religious day of rest. happened almost 30 years ago when the Sunday Trading Act was passed, which allowed small shops to open on this day for as long as they wanted. Large shops over 280 square meters can only be open for six hours.

Shopping on Sundays in London. A Call for Change

London’s Knightsbridge Business Improvement District (BID) partnership is now advocating for extended store opening hours. Traders estimate it will bring in £300 million a year and at least 2,000 zlotys. new workplaces.

“We produced a report a few years ago which estimated that if we relaxed the rules on Sunday trading, we would generate an extra £300 million a year and create 2,000 jobs. It costs the government nothing to implement this solution, so we believe it is a win-win solution. Now stores like Harrods turn away many customers on Sunday evenings. emphasizes Stephen Medway, CEO of Knightsbridge Partnership BID.

The rule change will not please small store owners who fear competition from larger establishments. “This is a very busy day in business for us.” We then earn several thousand pounds. The situation will change if all major supermarkets open. We are a small company, so we cannot reduce prices in supermarkets. comments Chandra Goyal, owner of Central Food and Wine store in Soho, central London.

No changes expected

Politicians in the ruling Conservative Party have noted the need to adapt the rules to current times and are proposing a pilot program during peak periods of the year, such as the holiday period. However, this is unlikely at the moment, as a British government spokesman said: “There are currently no plans to change the Sunday Trading Act.”

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