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Glapinsky before the State Tribunal? Morawiecki spoke out

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President Adam Glapinski must in no case, in the slightest degree, submit to the verdict of the State Tribunal, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during today’s press conference, referring to the possibility of bringing the chairman of the NBP before the State Tribunal.

At today’s press conference, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about the possible involvement of the President of the National Bank of Poland (NBP), Adam Glapinski, before the State Tribunal by a future coalition.

The opposition wants to bring Glapinsky to the Tribunal. The Prime Minister comments – President Adam Glapinski must under no circumstances, even to the slightest extent, submit to the verdict of the State Tribunal. This is because he has two core competencies – money and interest. are decisions of collegial bodies. Even if these decisions were wrong – and they, in my opinion, were absolutely correct – these were collegial decisions, therefore the president is primus inter pares (lat. first among equals – editor’s note) – This was stated by the head of government, as quoted by Money.pl.

– (Adam Glapinski) is the head of the Monetary Policy Council, but he is not the one who makes decisions on interest rates. In the same way – as chairman of the board of the NBP, I mentioned other monetary decisions. Therefore, there is not the slightest basis for filing an application in the State Tribunal against him – added.

Vice President of the NBP: “We are breaking the rules”

According to NBP Vice-President Martha Kightley, an attempt to bring Adam Glapinsky to the State Tribunal would be an attack on the independence of the NBP. – Certain words were spoken during the election campaign and recorded in the so-called 100 details for the first 100 days of the new government. There were entries about the National Bank of Poland and President Adam Glapinski. This is, of course, a violation of any rules, the constitution and the independence of the central bank, not only in the light of national but also European rules – Kightley said this in an interview with Business Insider Polska.

– Since such statements are made by the opposition and are part of the election campaign, we, of course, should be concerned about this, but they are not so important. However, if this political option were to form a government, and attacks on the NBP did not stop, and threats against the central bank did not stop, which we consider as an attack on the independence of the NBP, the situation could become very serious. dangerous – he adds.

The State Tribunal may impose punishment in the form of deprivation of active and passive electoral rights, deprivation of orders, awards and honorary titles, a ban on holding leadership positions or performing any functions in government bodies, and deprivation of a deputy mandate for a period of two to ten years. years and loss of position. The decision of the State Tribunal cannot be reversed and is not subject to the President’s right to pardon the convicted person. An application submitted to the Court must be submitted to the Seimas by the President or at least 115 deputies.

Conflict at the National Bank of Poland

The future ruling coalition has almost 250 votes in the Seimas. As RMF FM recently reported, a public conflict between the head of the Central Bank and NBP board member Pavel Mukha may serve as a reason to bring Glapinsky to the State Tribunal. He published letters to MPC members regarding the matter. Mucha said he had acted on the matter several times, sending letters to the Monetary Policy Council notifying it of “failure to comply with cooperation obligations of the NBP bodies.” In his opinion, “there are significant violations in the practice of the NBP bodies, which are of key importance for the functioning of the central bank.”

In the aforementioned interview, the deputy head of the NBP emphasizes that there is no conflict in the leadership of the central bank, but only a situation where “one person makes certain claims, including those of a material nature.” Kightley stated that “this man is difficult to work with, that’s all.”

Designed by: Radoslaw Święciki
Source: Money.pl, Business Insider Polska, RMF FM, Wprost.pl
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