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Tomatoes become more expensive every month. Favorite vegetables have become a luxury product

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The high cost persists and affects millions of Poles. High prices in stores increasingly force us to tighten our belts. Many people check stock prices before purchasing. Many consumers are moving away from expensive products such as tomatoes because they have become a luxury item.

National grocery store in Warsaw’s Wola district. Last week, many shoppers who went shopping did not hide their surprise at the high prices for the selected goods. “The raspberry-colored tomatoes are arranged freely. Price 15.99/kg” – read on the label. Over the next few days there were not many people willing to buy tomatoes. “It’s not a matter of taste, but a very high price” – said the buyers, looking at the vegetables laid out in boxes. They also added that such prices have not been available in this chain of stores for several months.

Tomatoes are a delicacy for many. “Sometimes someone takes one or two tomatoes.”

A few days later, raspberry tomatoes appeared on the market at a promotional price of PLN 11.99/kg. 25 percent discount – the bold inscription on the label was visible from afar. There were a little more people than last time, but customers usually put one tomato in the basket. “Today is a delicacy for us” – they repeated when we asked them about the price of their favorite vegetables.

Similar prices could be seen in other local stores and supermarkets. For a kilogram of raspberry tomatoes, if there is no promotion, you will have to pay about 14-15 zlotys/kg. We also deal with high prices in local markets. “Buyers are not very willing to buy tomatoes. Now they are one of the most expensive vegetables. Sometimes, for better taste, someone takes one or two tomatoes.” – note the stand owners.

Vegetables and fruits. In summer, tomatoes cost half as much

Sellers recall that in the summer the situation was completely different, and buyers were eager to buy tomatoes of different varieties. In July and August, raspberry tomatoes could be bought for 6-8 zł/kg. Since the holidays, prices for these beloved vegetables have changed every month.

At the beginning of September, raspberry tomatoes cost 10 zlotys/kg, and at the end of the month their price rose to 11-12 zlotys/kg. In turn, in October they cost 13-14 zlotys/kg, and now – 15-16 zlotys/kg. — This is twice as expensive as on holidays. – clients notice. – Prices are returning to the markets. According to buyers, the differences are visible to the naked eye. – they add. And we’re not just talking about tomatoes. Prices for cucumbers and beans have increased by 30-40 percent.

Buyers are abandoning expensive bazaars. They look for cheaper goods in the markets

According to sellers, the increase in prices for vegetables is caused, among other things, by seasonality. – In July and August we offered field vegetables, now we have greenhouse vegetables. This is a completely different product, it has a different taste, so the price should be different. – they say. – In November, most vegetables and fruits are imported, while in summer cheaper domestic products dominate local markets. – they add. Buyers fear that we will soon have to face the situation that occurred in the first quarter of this year. In March, raspberry tomatoes cost up to 38 zlotys/kg.

High prices mean that many people avoid buying vegetables and fruits in stores or local markets, opting for large bazaars or markets where they can buy much cheaper produce directly from farmers. The Olympia Bazaar in Warsaw’s Wola district has become a popular place, where prices for many food products can pleasantly surprise shoppers.

Here you can buy products cheaper. However, there are some inconveniences

This is the best and cheapest market in Warsaw. – say the buyers who come to this market every Sunday. — There are no such prices in the entire region. – they add. The differences are visible to the naked eye. Small raspberry tomatoes can be bought here for 2.99 zlotys/kg, and larger ones from 4 zlotys/kg.

Many food products could be bought there at two, three and even four times cheaper than in stores or local markets. However, sometimes some inconveniences arise. To buy vegetables and fruits cheaper, you have to stand in long lines. Products are laid out in boxes on folding tables or stands. However, this does not bother buyers who are seeing lower prices for vegetables, fruits and other food products.

Author: Dariusz Brzostek
Source: WPROST.pl
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Source: Wprost

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