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Swiss franc borrowers flooded the courts with lawsuits. However, many still do not know that this is possible.

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Following the CJEU’s ruling in favor of Swiss franc borrowers, more and more claims are being made to invalidate Swiss franc loans. However, many borrowers do not know that they can assert their rights in court.

In June, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled in favor of Swiss franc borrowers, ruling that if a loan agreement is terminated due to abuse, the bank cannot claim compensation from the borrower for the use of capital. for purchasing real estate.

The number of lawsuits increases and the number of settlements decreases

After winning in court, borrowers in Swiss francs can count on a so-called free (interest-free) loan, and while the case is being considered, the installment plan can be suspended. It is therefore not surprising that the number of claims for the invalidation of Swiss franc loans is increasing.

Data compiled by Rzeczpospolita shows that the number of claims against just eight banks listed on the WSE rose to 100,300 at the end of September this year. which is the highest quarterly growth in two years.

However, the dynamics of new settlements for cases in Swiss francs is decreasing. Their total number is 77.3 thousand, however, according to the newspaper, about 8.3 thousand settlement agreements were concluded in the previous quarter, while in the first quarter there were more than 14 thousand.

Why doesn’t everyone decide to sue?

The newspaper draws attention to why, due to favorable decisions of the EU tribunal, not all Swiss franc borrowers go to court. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 people have liabilities in Swiss francs. borrowers. 100 thousand more people paid off their loan, but they could also fight in the courts.

– Our experience shows that not all clients are yet aware of the possibility of going to court – Wojciech Bochenek, legal advisor at the law firm Bochenek, Ciesielski i Wspólnicy, comments on “Rzeczpospolita”.

– The best examples are borrowers who repaid the loan and forgot about the agreement concluded with the bank, and yet the very fact of early repayment of the loan does not prevent them from collecting part of their claims in court – he adds.

Another important fact was pointed out by the head of the Association of Polish Banks, Tadeusz Bialek. We are talking about the length of legal proceedings, which also cost money. Some borrowers decide to repay the loan, which solves the problem almost immediately.

However, all indications are that the number of claims from Swiss franc borrowers will increase, culminating at the end of the year.

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