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There is a draft 12th package of sanctions against Russia. Two Polish demands

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The European Commission presented the draft 12th package of sanctions against Russia. The proposals included, among other things: two Polish demands for an embargo on Russian diamonds and LPG. Reaching an agreement on this issue will likely take several weeks.

The European Commission presented the EU countries with a draft 12th package of sanctions against Russia. According to the European External Action Service (EEAS), the draft proposes to impose sanctions on more than 120 additional individuals and legal entities “for their role in undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, as well as new import and export bans and actions is aimed at tightening the effect of oil price restrictions and countering the circumvention of EU sanctions.

12th package of sanctions against Russia. Polish requirements

– The proposed measures are aimed at those who organized the recent illegal so-called “elections” in Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia, those responsible for the forced “re-education” of Ukrainian children, as well as organizations spreading disinformation and propaganda in support of the Russian war. aggression against Ukraine. The proposals are aimed at strengthening the sanctions structure as a whole. informs the EEAS.

Polish Ambassador to the EU Andrzej Sados in an interview with RMF FM noted that proposals for a new package of sanctions include two demands from Poland. We are talking about an embargo on Russian diamonds and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

The diamond import ban has been agreed upon by the G7 and includes a system for monitoring and identifying stones from mine to consumer in order to effectively exclude Russian stones from the market. Until now, Russian diamonds entered the world market through, for example, India, from where they were subsequently exported without indicating their original origin. As for liquefied petroleum gas, although it is a petroleum product, it is not yet subject to the EU embargo. Poland has repeatedly asked for an embargo on liquefied petroleum gas, arguing that it would help preserve the integrity and transparency of the liquefied natural gas market and avoid distortions of competition.

The 12th package also provides for an expansion of the list of products that contribute to the military-technological strengthening of Russia. In addition, the package will include a ban on the provision of services for the provision of software for enterprise management and software for industrial design and production, as well as a ban on the transit through Russia of certain goods and technologies that could help increase Russia’s industrial potential. The restrictions will affect enterprises in the Russian military, defense and IT sectors.

Unanimity is necessary

An agreement on the 12th package of sanctions against Russia is likely to take several weeks as it will require unanimous support from all 27 EU member states.

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Source: RMF FM, PAP
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