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Men still earn more than women. The pay gap will soon disappear

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End pay discrimination between men and women in the same job. Soon, thanks to planned changes, the pay gap may become history. Employers will need to provide access to the company’s salary criteria. They will be available to all employees.

Women earn and continue to earn less than men in the same positions – says Anna, a manager in a large logistics company. The woman notes that she is satisfied with both the work and the salary, which is much higher than the national average.

one company. Same job, different pay

Her partner also works for the same company as a manager. A man earns more than 10 percent. more than Anna. – We both make good money, we can afford everything. We pay off the mortgage, every year we have a rest abroad. However, I often wonder why I make less money if I do the same job as Maczek. Miss Anna says.

A similar situation takes place not only in many Polish companies. The gender pay gap, i.e. the pay gap, still separates the earnings of women and men in certain jobs. On average across the EU, women earn less than men, but the degree of inequality varies.

Central Statistical Office. The wage gap in Poland is almost 5%.

According to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office, the wage gap in Poland is 4.8 percent. This was a higher average hourly wage for men than for women. It is created mainly by the private sector, in which it is 12.9 percent. The pay gap is disappearing in the public sector, where it is only 2.3 percent.

According to experts, employers most often attribute this phenomenon to the individual characteristics of employees, such as their experience or education. Differences in the position of women and men in the labor market can be seen in the analysis of macroeconomic data.

Men earn much more than women

“The average monthly gross salary in the subjects covered by the study was PLN 5,748.24 and was PLN 6,041.77 higher in the public sector than in the private sector, by PLN 422.98. Men received an average salary for the surveyed month by 14.7%, i.e. 783.08 zł, higher than women. The study shows that the position of women is much weaker. Only 48% consider it good or very good. of them. “In turn, among the highest salaries for the work performed, there is a clear predominance of men” It is reported by Banker.pl.

According to the “Polish Labor Market Barometer” of the Human Resources Service, with the highest level of income above PLN 10,000, PLN per month is 3 percent. men and 1 percent. women. The situation is similar with salaries above PLN 6000 net per month. 13% of them can count on such earnings. men and only 6 percent. Mister. The predominance of men is also seen in the salary of 4 to 5 thousand. net. 17% of employees can count on such remuneration. men and 11 percent. women.

We will notice the predominance of women only among the people with the lowest wages. The study shows that almost a third of women (32 percent) receive wages below PLN 3,000. net zł per month. Every fifth man (22%) receives such earnings. Women are more likely than men to be able to count on remuneration in the amount of PLN 3,000 to 4,000. PLN net per month – respectively 27 percent. and 23 percent

Women already give lower grades in job interviews

One of the reasons for this is the greater confidence of men that they value their work. According to Krzysztof Inglot, founder of Human Resources, women often have lower financial expectations than men at the hiring stage. “This, in turn, leads to a later disproportion, which is visible in the study,” he says in an interview with banker.pl.

However, in the earnings of women and men, there are, first of all, positive aspects. Most companies in the IT industry have a clear remuneration policy. Labor market experts say they see no difference in wages in this sector. In many companies, programmers and programmers receive the same rate from the start.

We are waiting for change. EU wants equal pay

Soon this situation may develop in all sectors, as the European Union requires equal pay. New rules for making changes were developed at the end of last year. Now they must be approved by the ambassadors of the member states. The next step will be the launch of formal procedures for their adoption.

Equal pay can be made possible by employers giving all employees access to remuneration criteria. According to EU representatives, these criteria should be objective and gender-neutral. However, the changes don’t end there. The union wants information about the income of people employed in a similar position in the enterprise to be publicly available to all employees.

The changes will affect employers with more than 100 employees. – Employers will be required to inform staff and the designated authority of a possible pay gap. “If it is higher than 5%, then the amount of wages will be assessed by employees and employers’ organizations” we read in the diary.

Designed by: Darius Brzostek
Source: www.banker.pl/GUS

Source: Wprost

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