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Will the economy dominate the election campaign? The survey leaves no doubt

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SW Research asked Poles about the most important topics of the upcoming election campaign. The economic situation in the country significantly preceded the war beyond our eastern border.

Everything points to the fact that parliamentary elections will be held in a little more than half a year (October 15 seems to be the most realistic date). Based on current opinion polls, it is difficult to say who will come to power after the autumn elections (while PiS is the favorite in opinion polls, support for the ruling formation may be too small to re-form the government). However, it is known which topics can dominate the election campaign.

The main themes of the election campaign

In a survey conducted for rp.pl, SW Research asked Poles what they think will be the main topics of the campaign ahead of the autumn elections to the Sejm and Senate.

The vast majority of respondents (47.4%) indicated inflation and the state of the economy. A noticeably smaller percentage mentioned the war in Ukraine (13.5%). Every tenth respondent expects Poland’s relations with the European Union to be the most important topic, and 8.8 percent. respondents believe that the most important topic will be the state of democracy in Poland. Only 3.7 percent. of the respondents indicated in this regard problems in the health care system and only 2 percent. foreign policy. 8.3 percent of respondents had no opinion on this matter.

Who thinks the economy will dominate the campaign?

– More than half (55 percent) of people under the age of 24 and the same percentage of respondents (56 percent) with an income of PLN 3,001 to 4,000 net believe that inflation and the economy will be the most important topic during the election campaign before the parliamentary elections. The same opinion is shared by every second respondent (48%) with a secondary education. Every second respondent (53%) is from cities with a population of more than 500,000 people. residents believe that inflation and the state of the economy will be the dominant theme during the election campaign – Yustina Sobchak, Senior Project Manager at SW Research, comments on the results of the study.

The survey was conducted by SW Research among users of the SW Panel online panel on March 14-15, 2023. The analysis covered a group of 800 Internet users over 18 years of age. The sample was selected using a random quota method.

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