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Car with ChatGPT assistant. General Motors wants to use artificial intelligence in its cars

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Automotive concern General Motors wants to join the AI ​​trend and use ChatGPT features in their cars. The chatbot had to be created in collaboration with Microsoft and help drivers, for example. seek information and instruct owners.

ChatGPT is already a writer, some want to make AI a lawyer, while others are appointing a radio DJ. As it turns out, AI is taking on more and more new jobs and could soon become something of a mechanic’s assistant. At least that’s what General Motors says.

ChatGPT in General Motors vehicles

“ChatGPT will be literally everywhere,” GM vice president Scott Miller enthused in a recent interview with Reuters.

According to earlier information, General Motors is currently working on a new type of personal assistant for its vehicles. The feature, supported by artificial intelligence and the ChatGPT language model, should be useful in everyday car use.

According to Miller, the AI ​​assistant will be able to ask about the operation of specific functions of the car and comb through data that is usually found in the car’s owner’s manual. The assistant will also have other functions, for example, it will program the garage door code into memory or integrate events from our calendar into the on-board computer.

ChatGPT’s auto-assistant is meant to be a revolution, not a gadget

– This change does not affect the improvement of one new feature, such as improved voice commands. This is a revolution, meaning our customers can expect future General Motors vehicles to be much more capable and capable. The cars will use the latest advances in artificial intelligence technology, a GM spokesman explains.

The assistant itself will be created in collaboration with Microsoft. GM and the legendary technology company have been collaborating since 2021 on a project to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology.

Microsoft’s choice is not surprising, as the company has an exclusive license to ChatGPT technology developed by OpenAI. The Redmond giant invested many billions of dollars in an AI company in 2023 and is now introducing further revolutionary changes to its AI-powered products.

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Source: Reuters

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