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The new head of Starbucks wanted to get to know the company better. He did an unexpected thing

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Since October, he has been the interim head of the Starbucks chain, and in a moment he will take the reins of power in his hands forever. Laxman Narasimhan, since it is about him, wanting to get to know the specifics of working in a cafe better, decided to take a step that surprised his employees and customers.

Laxman Narasimhan has been the “interim” CEO of Starbucks since October last year and will permanently replace Howard Schultz from April. The new president of the coffee giant, according to Rzeczpospolita, was engaged, among other things, as a strategic consultant at McKinsey and coffee houses, the only thing he had in common was that he was an occasional client.

Starbucks boss completed barista training

Narasimhan decided to catch up and get to know the coffee business from scratch, although no one expected him to operate in this area.

In his LinkedIn profile, the new head of Starbucks said that he completed a 40-hour course and became a certified barista of the chain. – I spent time in 33 coffee shops in 12 markets. I am now a certified barista after 40 hours of training designed to give me hands-on experience of the joys and challenges of working on the front lines. Narasimhan wrote.

The new boss is better at working in a cafe

Narasimhan admits that his experience “gives a better understanding of working in a coffee shop.” “This is a hard-won wisdom that I will remember every day as I continue this journey.” emphasized the new head of Sturbucks.

Starbucks is the world’s largest chain of coffee shops, existing for over 50 years (the company was founded in March 1971 in Seattle). Currently, it has more than 32,000 premises in 80 countries (in Poland there are about 70 premises of this network).

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