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Ghosts from Facebook, Voice from the Afterlife on Filmweb, VOD Access, Legacy? Death 2.0

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The more we use social media, the more it becomes filled with accounts of dead people. However, we still don’t know how to honor the dead or how to deal with the ghosts that haunt Facebook and Instagram.

Krzysztof has almost 900 friends on Facebook and another hundred subscribers. In her profile picture, she kisses one of her children and holds the second one on her chest in a scarf. The photo in the background is based on the collection of the team in which he worked – he was a representative of an international social project. His account is still active, although he no longer posts on it. In 2018, serious complications from a trivial illness suddenly tore him away from his family, friends, a group of grateful colleagues and social networks.

The last entry in Krzysek’s profile, switched to in memory, is a message from his mother inviting him to the cemetery on the next anniversary of his death. But there are many others: a valuable activist is sometimes tagged in posts by people publishing information about projects on which he collaborated. But there are also entries that are probably the direct equivalent of the Snitch. The most touching of them is about the realization of the naive hope that “a social networking site can send a message somewhere out there, beyond the clouds.” Well, he probably can’t – and, as far as I know, Krzys didn’t believe in a posthumous stay behind the clouds.

But I don’t know if he thought about immortality in the cloud.

Public cemetery

Sam Westreich, a Silicon Valley bioinformatician, used data from the second quarter of 2020 to try to estimate the number of Facebook users who have died. He cited estimates that there are about 30 million, or just 1%. all accounts – not a lot, considering that for every eight thousand Facebook user deaths per day, half a million (sic!) accounts will be created.

It’s just that the world’s population will eventually stop growing, and sooner or later – especially when Facebook ceases to be a space dominated by young people – there will be more profiles of dead people on the site than living ones.

According to the simulations mentioned by the scientist, at the current rate of website development, in 2110 the number of dead users will exceed the number of living ones.

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