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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Are you complaining about the weather in recent days? Owners of photovoltaic and wind installations are just the opposite.

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Strong winds, which are felt mainly in the south of Poland, and the sun that appeared yesterday in other regions, contributed to record results in the production of energy from the sun and wind.

In central Poland, the last few days have brought changes in the weather: one day it could be fine, even walking and there was a feeling of the approach of spring, and the next day it was snowing, then raining, and the temperature was a little over 6 degrees. The next day there was again a pleasant change that lasted only about a dozen hours. It was very windy in the south of the country. On Monday, March 13, IMGW warned that in the southern regions, wind gusts could reach 85 kilometers per hour.

The wind is strong. Wind energy production record broken

However, this is not a weather service, but an economic one, and yet on such days it is worth mentioning the weather. Journalist Rafal Hirsch noted that on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 12:00 pm, we broke another record for the production of wind and photovoltaic energy: they transferred 11,097.7 MWh to the grid in 60 minutes.

The record in this regard is April 4, 2022, when at the best hour all renewable energy sources generated a total of 10.6 GWh. Is the increase in production on Sunday simply the result of stronger winds? Not at all – this is also due to the fact that the number of wind and photovoltaic installations in the country is increasing from quarter to quarter.

wind energy. The megaturbine will be built in the USA

In February, we wrote about the most powerful offshore wind farm to be built in the USA. The designers decided to use technology provided by GE Renewable Energy, the French subsidiary of General Electric. The aforementioned company produces, among other things, the largest windmills called Haliade-X, which the Americans intend to use. Ultimately, Vineyard Wind 1 will power more than 400,000 homes and businesses.

The powerful Haliade-X turbines are said to be able to power the average home for two days per revolution. Each turbine generates about 13 MW.

Designed by: Martina Koska
Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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