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An American pilot took a selfie with a hot air balloon from China. The next day they shot down the object

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In recent days, a photo of an American pilot taking a photo in front of a Chinese spy balloon has become famous on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, the same object was shot down by the US Air Force. Now the Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of the photo.

The US Department of Defense has confirmed the authenticity of the photo, which recently became an internet hit. The pilot seen on it captured both himself and a suspicious white object from the cockpit – a Chinese spy balloon.

US pilot’s selfie is a sensation – he photographed himself with a Chinese balloon

The photo was taken by a pilot of a U-2 Dragon Lady reconnaissance aircraft, most likely sent on a reconnaissance mission to track the route of the object. It was this moment that the aviator took advantage of to take an unusual photo. A day later, an F-22 Raptor shot down a balloon over the coast of South Carolina.

Selfies began to spread rapidly among the soldiers. According to unofficial data, she was even supposed to “acquire the status of a legendary”, and earlier this week she hit the wide Internet.

US authorities were initially silent, but when asked about the photograph, Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh finally answered reporters’ questions. She noted that the Ministry of Defense “confirms the authenticity of the photo and plans to make it public.” Soon this became a fact, and the official website of the Ministry of Justice published a selfie in all its glory.

Mysterious spy balloon over the USA

The unidentified white object was first detected in US airspace on January 28 when it entered US territory near Alaska. It then drifted through the skies over Canada. It then re-entered US airspace over Montana on 1 February.

US authorities have identified the object as a Chinese spy balloon. At the same time, it was decided that it was not necessary to immediately shoot down a balloon with a size of more than 60 meters, carrying hundreds of kilograms of cargo above the ground. Falling debris can injure people or cause property damage.

On February 4, the balloon flew over the states of North and South Carolina. The federal authorities suspended flights there and imposed restrictions on cabotage. Finally, while the balloon was over US maritime territory, it was shot down by an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile fired from an F-22 Raptor fighter.

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Source: CNN

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