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F-35 production resumed. The Pentagon explained the mystery of the components of the Chinese engine and its shortcomings

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The Pentagon has re-authorized the use of all parts of the F-35 fighter. Since September 2022, there has been an investigation into suspicious engine components coming from China.

The US Department of Defense has officially approved the resumption of production of all components of the F-35 fighter. As of September 2022, an engine component manufactured by sub-supplier Pratt and Whitney was under investigation.

Unexpected engine failure

After initial production approval was obtained, the Pentagon had to put the process on hold again after examining Chinese engine components. It turned out that the engines may not be fully operational.

According to the US Department of Defense, engineers from the Pentagon, Pratt and Whitney and aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin worked together to get rid of a dangerous phenomenon that caused vibrations that could threaten flight safety.

Chinese engine element

This is another problem found in F-35 engines in recent months. For the first time, the Pentagon has halted production of the F-35 after it discovered one of the components came from China. We are talking about a magnet placed in a jet engine, which is part of the machine’s lubrication pump. It is made from an alloy that has not been approved and comes from China. Lockheed Martin, the jet manufacturer, confirmed it was Honeywell magnesium, an alloy of cobalt and samarium.

The Pentagon had been investigating the case for some time, and in mid-August, investigation procedures began to speed up. Doubts were not dispelled, which led to the suspension of acceptance of the new fighter in the United States.

On October 8, Pentagon Defense Procurement chief William LaPlante signed a conditional agreement to use materials from China. At the same time, Honeywell International, which supplies pumps for the F-35 engines, should try to find an alternative supplier for components it has so far ordered from China.

F-35 for Poland

The Pentagon’s decision allows the production of F-35 fighter jets to resume. Recall that the contract for their supply was also signed by the Ministry of National Defense of Poland with the United States. The contract value is 4.6 billion US dollars. Its subject is the delivery of 32 F-35As along with a training and logistics package.

Source: Reuters

Source: Wprost

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