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Artificial intelligence will look at “chemistry from Germany”. Producer practices illegal but common

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There is an opinion that washing powders in German stores are better than in Polish ones. This is due to the fact that some companies use “double quality” – a practice prohibited by EU law, but difficult to prove. This practice should be combated by artificial intelligence, which will detect differences between two potentially identical products.

Soon it will be 20 years since Poland is in the European Union. The life of consumers in many ways is no different from the life of residents of Western European countries: they buy goods of brands that are also represented in Italy or France, use the services of companies that also work abroad. Most of the household chemicals that are used in our homes are produced by international concerns, so our stores do not differ in assortment from stores in Germany or the Czech Republic.

Chemistry from Germany is still in price

Despite this, there are queues in stores with the sign “Chemistry from Germany” – just like ten years ago, when the Poles were convinced that washing powders or cleaning milks produced for the German market had better properties than products intended for for them. for the Polish market.

It cannot be assumed that every dishwasher tablet or floor cleaner made for a supermarket in Germany is better than a tablet destined for Polish stores, but there is something in it. Manufacturers are not always honest and sometimes deliberately meet the needs of buyers in the West, while buyers in Central Europe are offered poorer, cheaper products – albeit under the same brand. This practice is called double quality.) and prohibited by EU law.

Artificial intelligence will tell you if the manufacturer has saved on powder

Some entrepreneurs don’t give a damn about these orders and prohibitions, so they need to find another way to ensure that customers respect their rights. Specialists of the Information Processing Center – National Research Institute (OPI) together with scientists from the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) developed the ANSI IT system.

It will be used to identify consumer opinions on product safety and quality, including dual quality. The system will be created as part of a project funded by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) under the INFOSTRATEG I program.

“It can be said that OPI is becoming an expert in providing modern consumer protection tools. Work is underway to implement a system for the Competition and Consumer Authority that identifies prohibited clauses in contracts. Now, together with IPI PAN experts, we have received funding from the INFOSTRATEG III program to develop a tool that will effectively deal with, among other things, double product quality. In both of these cases, we use artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, we can better take care of consumer rights – says Dr. Eng. Yaroslav Protasevich, director of the Information Processing Center.

Work on the system will last until 2025

Work on the development and implementation of the ANSI system will be completed no later than 2025. A state-of-the-art tool will be used to identify consumer opinions about product safety and quality, including dual quality.

– Thanks to the use of the latest natural language processing methods, we can identify products whose quality in Poland must be additionally checked in the laboratory, not by directly analyzing each physical product separately, but indirectly, based on opinions about these products. available online. This is a very interesting application of artificial intelligence methods, which in a positive way uses the fact that so much of our life is now transferred to the virtual realm – says Lukasz Kobylinski, PhD, Associate Professor of the IPI PAN Linguistic Engineering Group, Head of IPI PAN Tasks in the ANSI project.

Designed by: Martina Koska
Source: WPROST.pl

Source: Wprost

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