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Big changes on the Polish new car market

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Toyota remains in the lead, followed by Skoda and Volkswagen. But the next places in the ranking of the most popular brands on the Polish market are occupied by brands that have not occupied such high positions for a long time.

As summed up by the Samara Institute for Automotive Market Research, March of this year did not bring major changes compared to March last year. The number of registered vehicles increased by only 0.94%. Every year. However, we are dealing with a revolution in the ranking list.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz overtake Audi

– Although the first three positions remain unchanged, and the relationship between Toyota, first on the list, and Skoda and Volkswagen is very similar, a lot has changed from fourth place – says Wojciech Drzewiecki, head of IBRM Samar. – Last year the fourth brand on the list was Kia, today it is BMW. Last year Audi was in 5th position, today it is occupied by Mercedes-Benz.

Nissan up

Next in the current ranking we have Hyundai, Kia, Audi, Volvo and in 10th position Nissan, which was in 17th position a year earlier. “Is this brand performing so well as a result of a deep, multi-layered market?” data-driven analysis and decisions? Or is this just a temporary phenomenon? We will find out the answer to these questions in the coming months of this year,” writes IBRM Samar in a report on the results of the third month of 2024.

The market is growing

The result over three months is almost 13 percent higher. better than last year. In total, the number of registered new passenger cars on the Polish market reached almost 138.7 thousand. pieces. Toyota remains the undisputed leader of the list with more than 28,000 vehicles. registered vehicles and 8.3 percent growth. In second place is Skoda, which recorded a result of 14,736 registered vehicles with a figure of 16.2 percent. height. Kia is the top three brand with 8,358 registrations and a decline of more than 7%. The fourth and fifth positions belong to Volkswagen and Hyundai, respectively.

Positions 6-9 are the domain of premium brands. From month to month we see slight changes in the list, but there is no revolution here. At the end of the first quarter, BMW took 6th place, followed by Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. The tenth position in the list went to the Renault brand.

“Although the trend we are seeing is positive, and over 12 months the number of registered cars has increased by almost 60 thousand. higher than a year earlier, you should pay attention to the declining growth dynamics – Wojciech Drzewiecki warns. – In two months of this year the growth was more than 20%. Three months is already an increase of 12.7%. The difference is significant. It can be assumed that the coming months will bring a further decline in the level of growth in this matter. The current forecast for the full year indicates an increase in vehicle registrations of approximately 5%.

Prices have stopped rising sharply

Based on the results of the first months, registrations of individuals amounted to more than 32%. full registration in the country. It can be assumed that by the end of the first quarter this share will decrease slightly. Financial companies are leading the market. The share of leasing companies is approaching 40%. while companies offering long-term rentals reached a share close to 10%.

– In principle, there are no more problems with the availability of cars, the cars are there and are waiting for customers. The level of price growth is definitely lower than a year earlier. At the end of February, the recorded value of the Samara index was 2.63%. Before getting the results for March, it is worth remembering the value of the weighted average price for two months of this year, which amounted to PLN 176,005. Over the same period, the median price was PLN 148,678 – – Wojciech Drzewiecki sums up.

Designed by: Marcin Klimkowski
Source: IBRM Samar
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