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A nationwide police operation begins. There will be no reduced rates for Easter

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The police are starting the Easter 2024 campaign. There will be more patrols on the roads, there will be more sobriety checks of drivers and speed checks using the most modern devices. Law enforcement officials say they will not tolerate violations or crimes.

Easter begins. During this special period of the year, a very busy driving period for Poles, officers will ensure the safety of road users, including in a special way.

Police urge motorists to take the basic rules of the road seriously, including sobriety behind the wheel and legal speeds adapted to traffic conditions. For those who ignore it, there will simply be no reduced tariff.

Special requirements

Police officers on duty during this period will pay attention, among other things, to the sobriety and psychophysical state of drivers, as well as their compliance with the speed limit. They will also check whether drivers and passengers are wearing seat belts and whether children are in car seats. In addition, they will ensure uninterrupted traffic on the main communication highways of the country.

Police Speed ​​groups will also take to the roads, whose main task is to counter dangerous behavior on the road, such as exceeding the speed limit. Traffic safety in this area will be ensured by police officers equipped with marked and unmarked police cars and hand-held speed meters.

“Sometimes a trip to visit loved ones on holidays turns out to be very long, so in order for it to go smoothly and without breakdowns, you should check the technical condition of the vehicle before leaving. It is also worth checking the mandatory equipment of your car,” the police advise.

Watch out for pedestrians and call out motorcyclists

They also remind you that spring weather means there are significantly more pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders and motorcyclists on the roads. And at the same time they are asking people to be careful around vulnerable road users.

The police have not forgotten about motorcyclists, who these days, after the winter holidays, are starting a new motorcycle season. Two-wheeler owners will benefit from the weather, which is expected to be fine in the near future, according to meteorologists. “We also urge motorcycle drivers to be careful and follow traffic rules, in particular the speed limit,” the police wrote in a message on the occasion of Easter.

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