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Poles are increasingly willing to import luxury cars

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What cars did the Poles import in 2023, where from and for how much? The report shows that the market is undergoing huge changes.

In 2023, Poles imported more cars, despite a 14% increase in prices for transporting cars from abroad. The country from which cars were most often imported was Germany, which retained its leading position. The share of luxury cars in orders for road transport has increased significantly. Information on Polish car imports is presented in the latest report from transport website Clicktrans.

The Cars 2023 report is based on data from more than 500,000 vehicles. orders for road transportation published on the website in 2011-2023. This is an analysis of the most popular destinations from which Poles import cars, the most frequently imported brands, as well as average prices on individual routes.

Luxury cars are more likely to be imported into Poland

The share of luxury cars in transport orders in 2023 was 13%. (6 percentage points more than in 2022). As we read, this could be influenced, among other things: high inflation and fear of further increases in car prices.

– Prices for new cars have increased significantly compared to 2022. There were also problems with their availability and long waiting periods. Even with rising transport prices, importing a car from abroad often turned out to be a more profitable solution than buying a new car. – says Michal Brzezinski, CEO of Clicktrans.

Rising prices for road transportation in almost all popular directions

According to the website, in 2023 the average price of transporting a car from abroad to Poland increased by 14%. For importing a car in 2023, we paid an average of 2039 zlotys (in 2022 – 1791 zlotys).

In 2023, prices for bringing a car to Poland have increased on almost all popular routes. The largest price increases were recorded in Sweden and the UK – imports of cars from these countries increased by 40 and 37 percent, respectively. However, the price for importing a car from Austria (by 7%) and Norway (by 10%) increased the least. The exception was the import of cars from Italy – in 2023, transportation on this route averaged 4%. cheaper than in 2022.

Germany is still in the leading position, interest in the UK continues to decline

The country from which cars were most often imported was Germany. Since 2019, at least half of the cars imported to Poland have come from Germany, and in 2023 the country’s share of orders was more than 56%. France was in second place with a share of 11%. all orders for road transport. The Netherlands was also among the leading countries from which cars were most readily imported, with a share of 8.5%.

BMW and Volkswagen are the most popular brands imported to Poland.

In 2023, the most popular car brands imported into Poland were BMW and Volkswagen. The Audi brand was also among the leaders.

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Source: Clicktrans
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