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Models of this brand are “beaten up” most often as used cars.

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Among all the used cars on the Polish secondary market, BMWs are the ones most often involved in accidents or collisions.

At least that’s according to the latest statistics compiled by CarVertical. In other countries the situation is very similar – BMW is the most frequently crashed car in the world.

The exact statistics are as follows. As many as 82.1 percent of all BMWs tested at the site in Poland had some form of damage. This is followed by Mini (81.7%), Dodge (80%), Jaguar (78.9%) and Porsche (78.7%). The percentage differences are small, so buyers should exercise extreme caution when purchasing any of these vehicles.

The most expensive repair

If we take into account the estimate of repairs performed, it turns out that the first three places are occupied by Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes. – BMW is a very popular car brand, but despite the fact that it is a manufacturer of high-end cars, older and more affordable models are often bought by young and inexperienced drivers. According to insurance companies, BMW drivers are more willing to take risks while driving. It’s no surprise that BMW is at the top of the list of car brands with an accident history, says Matas Bouzelis, automotive expert and head of communications at CarVertical.

The frequency of damage is also an issue.

As we read in the report, it should be taken into account that some cars have been involved in accidents more than once throughout their history. According to statistics, Jaguar is at the highest risk of this phenomenon. According to statistics, for every used car offered in Poland, there are 2.28 damages. Next in order is BMW (2.27), third is Lexus (2.24), fourth is Porsche (2.13) and Audi (2.03). – According to statistics, car accidents occur once every 5 years. It may also be related to mileage. Unfortunately, any breakdown reduces the quality of the car, increases its fault tolerance and reduces the level of driving safety. Such cars simply become a hassle for users, says Matas Buzelis.

Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz lead in claims processing costs

Luxury cars have statistically higher claims processing costs than popular models. Even minor repairs can cost tens of thousands of zlotys. According to statistics, in the case of Jaguar it is 28,893 PLN, Porsche – 26,596 PLN and Mercedes – 23,560 PLN. Depending on the brand of car, repairing the same breakdown can cost differently.

These cars have the fewest accidents in history

The lowest risk when buying a salvage car in Poland is associated with the Fiat brand. Reports show that 52.8% of Fiats have recorded damage to their accounts. Things are slightly worse for Renault (53.4%), Dacia (53.41%), Opel (54.7%) and Citroen (55.3%).

It’s very likely that popular, fuel-efficient models simply drive slower and are therefore less likely to get into accidents.

Designed by: Marcin Klimkowski
Source: CarVertical
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