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Aladdin’s lamp and others. What warning lights in your car indicate problems?

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Light indicators on the dashboard of a car can perform warning, information and emergency functions. For most of them, you know what to do when they light up. Find out what to do if one of them catches fire in your car.

Cars perform self-diagnosis during operation, and when the computer detects any malfunctions in the vehicle, it can inform the driver about this using warning lights. How to read the messages and signals that the car tells us? Q Service Castrol workshop specialists explain.

Firstly, the color of the indicator

One of the most important things to pay attention to is the colors of the lights. red lights they have a warning function. They signal a vehicle malfunction, which usually disqualifies the vehicle from further driving.

Orange or yellow indicators are informative and warning in nature. They inform you about the activation or deactivation of vehicle functions (eg deactivation of ESP). They may also indicate a problem that requires more accurate and in-depth diagnosis (for example, a low tire pressure warning light). Green lights they play an informational role and notify the driver about the activation of a particular function in the car. Manufacturers use w bulbs in new cars. blue.

Check the engine – the engine is not working properly. What to do?

One of the most important and problematic for drivers is the Check Engine light, which signals problems with the engine. It signals errors that are present or stored in the car’s computer memory. All models homologated on the European market since 2001 are equipped with a self-diagnosis system.

The system constantly monitors the operation of the drive system and sends the collected information to the computer, and any malfunctions are displayed on the dashboard with an engine light. While the light itself sounds scary, it doesn’t necessarily mean trouble. You should pay attention to this, especially when it lights up red. In such a situation, the driver must stop the vehicle immediately. If the indicator lights up orange or yellow, it is recommended to visit a car service center to have your vehicle diagnosed.

Malfunctions that the self-diagnosis system can indicate with the Check Engine light include:

  • tarnished contacts,

  • misfire,

  • voltage in the electrical installation is too low at start-up,

  • moisture entering the installation,

  • incorrect values ​​measured by sensors.

However, these malfunctions are not so dangerous as to exclude the car from further movement. However, if the light remains on for a long time and does not go off after restarting the engine, you should visit a repair shop to have the problem checked.

More serious faults include:

  • damage to one of the ignition coils,

  • failure of the lambda probe,

  • injection system malfunction,

  • particulate filter defect,

  • damage to the catalytic converter,

  • EGR valve malfunction.

An immediate visit to the workshop will be necessary if When the Check Engine light comes on, the engine will go into limp mode.

Oil pressure icon – what problem does Aladdin’s lamp indicate?

Another indicator that requires close attention is the oil pressure icon. This indicates improper oil distribution throughout the engine, low oil level, low pressure, or possibly another problem with the lubrication system. In such a situation, you must stop the vehicle immediately. If the driver ignores the message, this could result in engine seizure or even complete damage to the drive unit.

A red light with an exclamation mark in a triangle is a general signal.

Another symbol that a driver should be concerned about is a red light with an exclamation point in a triangle, known as the “general signal.” If it comes on or starts flashing, it could indicate a variety of problems, including: a problem with the rain sensor, parking sensors, exterior lights, or tire pressure monitoring system. In such a situation, only a mechanic in the workshop can determine the cause of the lamp fire.

What about electric and hybrid cars?

The future of the automotive industry belongs to electric and hybrid vehicles. Their manufacturers used a new set of icons, controls and symbols. Some of them are completely different from messages previously found in gasoline cars.

In the case of reference colors, the only difference is the characters in the secondary blackjoined by green and blue icons that perform an informational function.

Among the warning messages displayed in orange and yellow, you should highlight icons indicating a particular type of malfunction. General fault marked with a wrench symbol., is associated with a malfunction of the vehicle’s electrical system, battery or traction system. This may also indicate problems with charging the car. If this message appears, the driver must follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Electrical failure is illustrated differently. This symbolizes her car with an exclamation mark in the middle. This warning light alerts the driver to problems with the electrical system only, such as the battery, wiring, or engine. In this situation, contact a workshop immediately.

The limited power of the car is illustrated. turtle icon. It is accompanied by other warning messages informing the driver of the reason for the vehicle’s minimum speed. This could be due to an electrical fault, a low battery, or even an inappropriate temperature level. Q Service Castrol specialists recommend that in this case you immediately visit a car service center.

A message warning pedestrians of an approaching vehicle – what is it?

Electric and hybrid cars operate virtually silently. For this reason, manufacturers have introduced a message to warn pedestrians of an approaching vehicle. He is symbolized by a car with a loudspeaker. Pedestrians approaching the vehicle will hear an electronic sound. Some car models have the option to disable this feature. After this, the symbol will be highlighted automatically. However, if it comes on at any other time, it means the warning is faulty.

Battery temperature

The last symbol to properly recognize is the battery temperature warning symbol. Manufacturers mark it with a thermometer icon inside the battery. In hybrid and electric vehicles, the symbol lights up when the temperature of the traction battery is high or when the engine overheats (especially in the case of hybrids). In regular cars, the same message is displayed by the engine light. If this icon appears on the display, feel free to pull over to the side of the road, stop and turn off the car for a moment.

Knowing the warning lights and messages sent by your vehicle not only helps you avoid more serious damage, it has a huge impact on the safety of drivers and passengers in the first place. Any doubts about this should be checked immediately and, if necessary, consult a car service center with a trusted mechanic.

Source: Q Service Castrol
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