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Upstream at the expressway. Didn’t make it to the top

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We all make mistakes while driving, but what happened near Janow Lubelski on the S19 expressway cannot be rationally explained. A car going in the wrong direction skidded and nearly collided head-on.

The driver of the Volkswagen Golf made a mistake on the road and, ignoring the road signs, drove against the downstream towards the expressway. When she reached the expressway, seeing the express lane on the right side of the car, she had not yet realized that she was driving incorrectly. On the expressway, she changed lanes from left to right and continued upstream.

High risk of two head-on collisions

At some point, she almost led to a head-on collision with a truck that was driving correctly. Fortunately, the truck driver reacted quickly and swerved into the right lane and avoided the collision. This dangerous situation for the Golf driver still did not cause a change of direction. Her reaction was caused only by another delivery truck that got into a “collision”. Unfortunately, too abruptly, because a quick turn of the steering wheel caused the Volkswagen to skid. The driver miraculously managed to control the car. After this incident, the Golf driver realized that he was driving incorrectly and … made a U-turn on the highway.

Cameras recorded the event

The dangerous behavior of the Golf driver was noticed by the operator of the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways. The owner of the car was a 29-year-old woman. For driving against the current on an expressway or motorway, a fine of up to PLN 2,000 is imposed. zł and 15 penalty points. In addition, a woman can be prosecuted for endangering road safety, which is punishable by another high fine. The case may go to court.

A call for caution to drivers

On the occasion of this event, the Police remind you of the operation of the “Stop Road Aggression” box – [email protected] If you witness aggressive behavior from another road user, you can send a message through the box, remembering to indicate in which area of ​​the police station the offense was committed. When submitting the footage to the police, it is necessary to indicate: date, time and place of the incident (city, road/street number), vehicle details: registration number, make and details of the applicant: name and surname, address for correspondence, contact details. phone number.

Source: Police

Source: Wprost

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