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Today the police action “Speed”. There will be no travel discount.

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On Friday, May 19, the police announced an increase in the speed of checks. Officers will appear with radar in places where dangerous traffic accidents most often occur.

Today, stationary police officers will appear on the roads throughout the country, but groups of high-speed police officers will also monitor the safety of road users. The officers of the flying patrols will punish severely, especially those drivers who exhibit particularly dangerous behaviour.

Beware of pedestrians and cyclists

Police are urging motorists to obey posted speed limits and slow down where the law and common sense require extra care. Such heightened vigilance is needed near pedestrian crossings, cyclist crossings and around intersections.

Harsh penalties

We remind you that the most common cause of accidents in Poland is speeding. This offense leads to the highest number of deaths. Therefore, drivers who do not comply with current regulations, and especially those who grossly exceed the permitted speed limits, must consider the consequences.

Loss of the “right” to speed

For exceeding the speed limit up to 10 km/h, the driver can receive a fine of PLN 50 and 1 demerit point. The maximum fine for non-compliance with the speed limit is PLN 7,000 and 15 demerit points. It can be imposed on a driver who travels at a speed of 71 km / h or more. You can lose your driver’s license for 3 months if you exceed the speed limit in built-up areas (50 km/h). For the first violation, a fine of PLN 1,500 is charged, for the next violation – PLN 3,000.

Source: Police

Source: Wprost

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