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Car from a Japanese company with new financing. Offer for entrepreneurs and individual clients

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The Polish branch of Mitsubishi Motors now offers all its models on new financing conditions – preferential credit, 101% leasing. or with a leasing loan.

The new financing offer applies to all available Mitsubishi models.

Mitsubishi Space Star

The cheapest segment B model with automatic transmission on the Polish market is available in a 12-month 50/50 loan or installment loan from PLN 644 per month and 101% leasing for entrepreneurs. In addition, buyers receive a set of winter tires as a gift. The promotional price of the car starts from PLN 54,990. Customers who have used financing from Santander Consumer Multirent or Santander Consumer Bank and purchase a PZU or Warta car insurance package from a dealer receive a discount of up to PLN 5,000.

New Mitsubishi Colt

The new Mitsubishi Colt is now available for 101% leasing. and with a 50/50 loan with 0% per annum. as well as on credit Small installments – PLN 832 gross per month. The car is available at a price starting from PLN 71,990.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Customers interested in purchasing the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV hybrid SUV can take advantage of a special lease offer, under which the lowest Lease&Go payment is PLN 1,399 net or 101% of the lease.

Mitsubishi ASX

The new ASX 2023 model, which debuted in Polish showrooms in the spring, is now available on credit for 12 months with monthly installments from PLN 919 and 101% leasing. Financing through Santander Consumer Multirent or Santander Consumer Bank and purchasing a car insurance package from PZU or Warta at ASO is also available with a PLN 5,000 discount. Customers can benefit up to PLN 11,000.

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