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Pre-Christmas world for drivers. Fuel prices should not rise until the end of the year

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Experts predict that prices will stop rising by the end of the year. This is good news for drivers going on holiday, says Reflex.

Last week was another week of reduction in fuel prices at stations by an average of 3-5 cents per liter. Average fuel prices at the end of the first week of December were as follows: unleaded PLN 95 – PLN 6.43/liter (-5 groszy/liter during the week), unleaded PLN 98 – PLN 7.01/liter (-3 groszy/liter) . , diesel fuel 6.60 zł/liter (-4 grosz/liter), autogas – 3.01 zł/liter (-3 grosz/liter).

Different at different stations

“In total, since November, when the cycle of reductions in the wholesale market began, retail prices for Pb95 gasoline and diesel fuel have fallen by an average of 13 and 14 groszy/liter,” says Urszula Cieslyak from Reflex. – It is worth emphasizing that the average scale of changes does not reflect the situation at individual stations. It should be noted that at some stations prices are falling much more than the national average, and are approaching the level of Pb95 6.00-6.20 zlotys/liter (minimum approximately 5.90 zlotys/liter) and diesel fuel 6.20 -6 zlotys, 35 zlotys/liter. , but at some stations they are much more expensive, even 50-70 zł/l.

“We still expect a continued reduction in fuel prices at stations to 5 groschen per liter,” says Rafal Zywert from Reflex.

Thanks to the current cuts, average annual fuel prices at stations will be 2% lower than in 2022 for gasoline. (12-16 g/l), diesel by 9%. (63 g/liter) and autogas by 8%. (26 g/liter).

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Source: Reflex.com.pl
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