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Winter promotion at Ford services. Reduced prices not only for tire replacement

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Ford specialists will help you prepare your car for winter professionally and at a good price. We know how much you’ll have to pay to replace your tires, wipers, and brake pads.

Installing the right tires is critical to safety, especially in winter. Worn or old tires significantly increase braking distances, not only on wet surfaces. It should also be remembered that summer tires lose their properties at low temperatures – they become less flexible, which significantly reduces their grip on the road.

When should tires be replaced?

According to the current traffic regulations in Poland, the tread depth of both summer and winter tires must be at least 1.6 mm. The tire groove wear indicator shows whether the tire tread has reached the minimum permissible thickness. Please note that winter tires with a tread depth of less than 4 mm may not provide good traction and may not shed snow or water as well.

“The tire life is expected to be about 6 years. After this period they must be replaced. The age of the tires can be found on the sidewall in the form of a coded production date. The first two digits indicate the week number, the second pair – the year. – adds Anna Trebińska-Tauter, Marketing Communications and Accessories Manager at Ford Polska.

How much does it cost to change tires at a Ford dealership?

During the winter, Ford service centers offer promotional prices on parts and services that can improve driving safety on slippery surfaces. Ford’s seasonal offer includes winter tires in size 195/60 R15 priced from PLN 329, including installation, intended, for example, for the Ford Fiesta. Prices for winter tires with installation for the compact Focus start from 413 PLN, for Puma – from 497 PLN. The cost of replacing tires at authorized Ford Polska service stations includes wheel balancing, installation of standard valves and tire disposal. You can watch your tires change with Ford’s free Video Check service.

In winter, ensure good visibility.

When preparing your car for winter, it is also worth checking the condition of the wipers, which play an important role in keeping the windows clean and therefore responsible for good visibility for the driver.

“It’s best to replace them every year. Genuine Ford wiper blades are equipped with a wear indicator that lights up amber to remind you when to replace them. – says Dariusz Lech, Director of Service and Spare Parts at Ford Polska.

How much does it cost to replace wipers at a Ford dealership?

In Ford’s winter offer, prices for windshield wiper blades for Ka, Fiesta and Puma models start from PLN 189. In Focus, Mondeo or Mustang models, we will pay a minimum of PLN 229 for windshield wipers in a Ford showroom.

Functional brakes are essential

In addition to replacing winter tires and wipers, you should also take care of the condition of the brake system. The appropriate thickness of brake discs and friction linings affects braking performance. The quality of brake fluid also affects driving safety. It should not contain more than 3%. water. If this value is exceeded, the brake fluid must be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace brake pads at a Ford dealership?

Prices for front axle brake pads with replacement start from PLN 369. This is exactly how much we will pay for servicing the brakes of the Ka model. In the case of Fiesta, B-MAX or Tourneo/Transit Courier the price is PLN 459, and for Focus and Kuga – PLN 499.

In winter, check the battery and coolant.

When visiting a service center, it is worth checking whether the battery is in order. Please remember that low temperatures may adversely affect its performance. You should also check the cooling system. The coolant also needs to be replaced periodically, and if it is too old, it can lose its properties and freeze in cold weather.

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