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They drifted along the icy embankment. BMW fell into the river and sank

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A terrible accident involving two young people occurred in Wroclaw. While driving, the BMW fell into the Odra River.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 28, after 22 in Wroclaw. On a concrete square adjacent to the Odra River, young people practiced controlled skidding on an icy surface. As it turned out, it was not completely controllable, because during a skid the BMW fell from a high embankment into the river.

They got out of the car through the rear window

After the car fell into the Odra River, it rolled onto its roof and partially sank. Fortunately, the people in the BMW managed to get out before the car disappeared under water. According to Gazeta Wrocławska, they managed to break out the rear window.

There were two young people in the car, a woman and a man, citizens of Ukraine. None of them were seriously injured. They did not require medical attention. Fire department, MOPR and police units arrived at the scene.

A secluded place attracts drift enthusiasts

The Wroclaw portal reports that the concrete Odro Square is often visited by motorists who skid here. This is evidenced by the tires located there and numerous traces of rubber left on the concrete surface of the pier.

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Source: “Wroclaw Newspaper”, WOPR
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Source: Wprost

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