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Is it possible to get a ban on driving without a driver’s license?

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The 17-year-old will be banned from driving for six months. And all this despite the fact that he has not yet received a driver’s license. This was partly his sister’s fault; she too was punished.

A fine of at least PLN 1,500 and imprisonment for a period of at least six months. These are the consequences that a 17-year-old teenager who did not have a driver’s license and was driving his older sister’s Volkswagen will soon have to face. She has already received a fine for giving her brother access to her car.

My sister was also punished.

“On Saturday evening, employees of the Lukovskaya traffic police stopped the driver of a Volkswagen Golf, who was not wearing a seat belt while driving, for a roadside check,” reports Asp. pc. Marcin Jozwik from the Lublin police. – This was not the only offense of the driver of the car. It turned out that the driver of the car was 17 years old and it was obvious that at this age he did not have the right to drive a passenger car. For this offence, he or she may be subject to a fine of at least PLN 1,500 and imprisonment for driving for at least six months. His case will soon end in court.

After a roadside inspection, her car was picked up by the owner of a Volkswagen Golf, the older sister of a 17-year-old girl. She has already been fined for providing a car to her brother, who does not have a driver’s license.

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