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MAN starts selling its first electric truck

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MAN Truck & Bus has started selling the first electric truck in the company’s history. The company boasts that it has already placed 600 orders.

The first 200 units will be delivered to customers in 2024, and from 2025, as orders increase, large-scale production will begin at the MAN plant in Munich.

MAN has been switching to electromobility for a long time. 50 prototypes were built and approximately 4,000 production and sales employees were trained in the new mobility. At the MAN plant in Nuremberg, the company invested approximately 100 million euros in starting battery production. Now it’s time to sell.

There may be several batteries.

As we read, the two new vehicles MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS are characterized by a wide variety of battery configurations. They get six battery packs, two of which are installed under the cab and up to four more on the side of the vehicle frame. They offer up to 480 kWh of usable battery capacity for a daily range of 600 to 800 kilometers.

The battery configuration allows the vehicles to be adapted for a variety of purposes: from delivery to city center supermarkets, regional deliveries of construction materials, to long-distance transport in industrial logistics. As MAN writes, for example, urban distribution transport usually requires shorter daily runs – up to 250 kilometers, and charging occurs at night, at the logistics base after returning from the route. Meanwhile, the modular battery concept of the MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS offers the possibility of equipping them with just three or four battery packs instead of six, reducing the vehicle weight to 2.4 tonnes.

In addition to the CCS standard with a charging power of up to 375 kW, from the start of sales MAN will offer a much more powerful megawatt charging standard (MCS) for fast charging during breaks while driving, which will initially provide a power of 750 kW. , and at a later stage of development – also charging with a capacity of more than one megawatt.

Depending on the configuration, the electric motor produces 333 hp. (245 kW), 449 hp (330 kW) or 544 hp (400 kW) with a corresponding maximum torque of 800, 1150 or 1250 Nm. Depending on the driver’s requirements, the electric motor can be used as a generator during the coasting and braking phases, converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy back into electrical energy. This is how batteries are charged.

Designed by: Marcin Klimkowski
Source: MAN
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