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Less boredom in the back seat of the car. Now virtual reality has arrived

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Passengers in Audi cars recently had the opportunity to wear VR glasses while driving and experience Holoride virtual reality. What does the service offer?

Holoride technology is available in the new Audi Q8 Sportback E-tron, as well as in all models of the brand equipped with the third generation Infotainment Building Kit and the latest software package. Thanks to this technology, driving will no longer be boring. Passengers in the Audi’s rear seat can put on VR glasses and be transported into virtual reality.

– Real-time vehicle movement data: every turning, accelerating or braking maneuver interacts with the content displayed through the VR glasses. Holoride adapts VR content to vehicle movements, giving passengers a fully immersive virtual reality experience. explains Hellas Kaufhold from Audi.

Less boredom in the backseat

The Holoride virtual reality entertainment system can help passengers avoid boredom while driving and also prevent motion sickness. It will be appreciated by parents of children who, while traveling, are faced with questions such as: “When will we arrive?” or “Are we there yet?”

Currently, holoride offers ten entertainment-educational games, that is, educational content in an entertaining format. You can also stream movies or TV series through the holoride app, while the smartphone mirroring feature (currently available for Android operating systems) allows you to access content on YouTube or social media platforms.

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Source: Audi
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