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Not all drivers can be calm. Diesel prices continue to rise

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Recent expert forecasts that fuel prices at stations will stabilize are only partly correct. They do not apply to those who refuel with diesel fuel.

As analysts of the E-Petrol company write in their weekly report, in mid-November the price situation at stations is stable, but there is one fuel that has become more expensive. This fuel is diesel fuel.

As we read, since last week the average all-Russian price for diesel fuel has increased by 3 groschen and amounts to 6.72 zlotys/liter. However, prices for Pb95 and autogas have not changed – they still cost an average of PLN 6.54 and PLN 3.09 per liter.

The cheapest in Greater Poland

According to monitoring data, 95 gasoline and diesel fuel are currently the cheapest in Greater Poland, where a liter costs 6.50 and 6.63 zlotys, respectively. In turn, liquefied petroleum gas at a price of PLN 3.06/liter is the cheapest in Upper Silesia.

The most popular PB95 is the most expensive in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, where its liter sells for an average of 6.59 zł. The highest prices for diesel fuel are in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – 6.75 zł/liter, and for autogas in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship – 3.18 zł/liter.

Wholesale fuel prices have fallen in recent weeks, which could lead to a stabilization of prices at gas stations. You can’t count on cheaper fuel prices.

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Source: E-petrol.pl
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