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Opel car for sale. We know the details of the offer

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Opel is offering more than just discounts on all car and van models in its 2023 sale. The brand also offers advertising financing.

Sales of the 2023 model year have started at Opel showrooms in Poland; discounts apply to all cars and minibuses available at dealers. Additionally, customers can take advantage of promotional financing or insurance when purchasing select versions.

New cars are now cheaper, up to several tens of thousands of zlotys – for example, the price of the Corsa, the most frequently chosen Opel model in Poland this year, starts at 64,300 zlotys, which is 10,000 zlotys less than the list price. In turn, Opel city crossovers cost up to 20,000 zlotys. Crossland costs from 69,900 zlotys, Mokka – from 90,300 zlotys.

When choosing the largest SUV in the Opel Grandland line, the price drops to PLN 40,000 and starts from PLN 107,700. When purchasing a Mokka or Grandland with a manual transmission, the buyer receives an additional 1% insurance. car cost.

Opel has prepared an offer for its electric models Corsa and Mokka with a discount of up to PLN 33,000, excluding additional support available under the government program “My Electrician”.

Discount on Opel Astra.

The offer for the compact Astra is up to PLN 25,000 (price from PLN 89,800), and for the Sports Tourer station wagon version – up to PLN 19,000 (price from PLN 99,800). For the top version – Astra GSe in both body styles you can pay up to PLN 30,000 less (price from PLN 174,000). Additionally, when purchasing any Astra with a manual transmission, promotional insurance of 1% applies. car cost.

Discounts on Opel delivery vans range from 22 to 28 percent. for versions with internal combustion engines and up to 34 percent. for some electric models. Buyers can also take advantage of attractive forms of financing, including 100% leasing.

Opel claims that there is still a large selection of models in showrooms, most of which are available with financing, for example: 50/50 interest-free credit and, in some cases, also with an insurance package of 1%. car cost.

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