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Heavy transport in the European Union. Carriers are still actively buying

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Delivery by cars, trucks and buses. All of these cars are selling much better this year than last year, reports the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Over the three quarters of 2023, the number of registrations of new commercial vehicles in the European Union increased in all three segments. For vehicles it was higher by 14.3%, and for trucks – by 23%. and buses – by 18.5 percent.


According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), sales of new commercial vehicles in the European Union grew by 14.3% in the three quarters of 2023. up to 1 million pieces. This result was mainly driven by strong performance in the main markets: double-digit growth in Spain (+20.5%), Germany (+18.2%) and Italy (+16.7%).


In the EU, registrations of new trucks increased even more – by 23%. The leader in sales volume was Germany with 75,241 registrations, an increase of 31.2%. Other major EU markets also improved significantly, including Spain (+23.8%), Italy (+17%), France (+15.6%) and Poland (+10.9%).


During the period January-September 2023, 23,645 new buses were registered in the EU, an increase of 18.5%. more than year after year. In terms of volume, France led with 4,735 cars sold (plus 9.1%), Italy (+65.9%) and Spain (+58.1%).

New commercial vehicles by drive type

During three quarters of 2023, diesel remained the most popular fuel for new vehicles in the European Union, accounting for 83%. market (compared to 87% for the same period in 2022). However, alternative energy sources are gradually gaining popularity. The plug-in van market share in the EU increased to 7.3%, almost doubling the volume, with growth of 91.4%. This growth was mainly due to good sales in the first and third largest EU markets: France (+102.2%) and the Netherlands (+136.8%). At the same time, the number of registrations of commercial vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines increased by 39.6%, respectively. and 9.1 percent, which is 89 percent. market.

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Source: ACEA, IBRM Samar
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