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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Warsaw Road Administration sells abandoned cars. There are gems among 77 cars

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The Warsaw City Roads Authority has announced an auction of cars that the services have towed to the parking lot in recent months. Alfa Romeo, Audi A6, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are available for purchase.

For the fourth time, ZDM puts up for sale cars that, after being towed in accordance with Art. 50a of the Law on Road Traffic, they were not collected by the owners within 6 months and became the property of the city. The list includes 77 cars, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. For the first time, a motorcycle was put up for auction – Yamaha Virago.

Cars without numbers and unused

ZDM reminds that cars towed from the parking ban are not subject to sale, based on Art. 130a SDA. Cars are removed from the streets in accordance with Art. 50a of the Road Traffic Act. These are vehicles that are left without license plates or are in a state of disuse.

Such cars – as in the case of any evacuation – at the request of the city guards or the police are taken out and sent to the parking lots of companies with which ZDM has signed appropriate agreements. There they are waiting for the owner or a person authorized to pick them up. If no one claims the car within 6 months, it becomes the property of the city by virtue of the law.

Until recently, unassembled ZDM vehicles were sent for scrap. However, there were exceptions – cars that did not require many repairs to get back on the road. Therefore, ZDM has decided that some abandoned vehicles, although classified as salvageable, are not salvageable.

Got a big amount

In the autumn of 2021, ZDM announced the first tender for the sale of such vehicles – the list included 8 vehicles, 7 of which found new owners, and the amount received by the Board was PLN 92,000. 700 PLN.

In total, in 2022, ZDM put up 57 vehicles for sale through the tender procedure. 45 found new owners, and the amount received for them by the MDA amounted to PLN 364.6 thousand. zloty. This is a significant amount, sufficient to repair about 300 m of the road.

Now ZDM has announced another litigation. The list includes 77 cars, including 4 re-registered cars and a motorcycle.

Source: ZDM

Source: Wprost

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